If you're reading this, you are one of the six people who read my column. Thank you. Actually, if you are reading this, then chances are you’re a farmer or work in agriculture.

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If you happen to be reading this while in the waiting room of your doctor’s office, your family doctor is a veterinarian.

Sometimes life can hit us so hard, and out of the blue, all we can do is laugh. Laughter has been scientifically proven to immediately lower stress levels in the body.

By writing this column for Progressive Publishing, my hope has always been to bring a laugh into someone’s life and maybe be a joy or distraction to take them away from the stress and worries of everyday life. Even if just for a moment or the time it takes to read my column.

In return, some of my greatest joy has been the chance to meet some of you after one of my stand-up comedy shows. I love to hear when people tell me they enjoy reading my column. I’ve actually gotten material for this column from some of you, and one guy said he didn’t care much for my column because there weren’t enough pictures. I told him to stick with the late-night Waffle House menu.


In my 15 years of performing comedy throughout the U.S. and Canada, I’m always blown away by the kindness of the farmers I meet. I feel the agriculture community has an unspoken family bond and kinship no other industry has.

We’ve never met, but as soon as the conversation starts, it’s like we’ve been old friends. I’ve noticed that no matter what type of agriculture we might consider our expertise, farmers are farmers. We think alike, we complain about the same things, and most of us like to see Ohio State lose.

Frequently I hear, “You have to come out to our place.” And I’ve been. Every farm has a story. There is no farm too big or too small; every farm has something to see. Once I saw a three-legged hunting dog named Skippy and a farm that was almost paid off.

I had such a great time at the Select Sire bull facility in Ohio, they are registering a bull under my name called “Thruster McGee.” Twice, I’ve stayed with a fellow comedian/farmer Paul Mussell in Ontario, Canada. I helped milk goats, tap maple trees for syrup and set beaver traps – before lunch. In Clovis, New Mexico, I slept in the VanBeeks’ renovated chicken coop.

On purpose. And there’s no telling how many stories and wise tales I’ve listened to over the years in somebody’s kitchen, tractor shed or on a truck tailgate. Those are three places farmers socialize because most churches don’t allow adult beverages.

God has truly blessed me. I just wanted to publicly thank Him and you for letting me put some laughter in your day. end mark

Tim is a Florida dairy farmer and comedian. Visit him at Tim the Dairy Farmer.