Upon arriving at World Dairy Expo in 2009, I tweeted about my interest in having a competition to see who could eat the most grilled cheese sandwiches during the week. Others chirped back that they were in. The competition got a lot of buzz throughout the week-long event, even from the Expo's daily newsletter. I'm sure small groups of teenagers and Expo-goers have had their own competitions to see who can eat the most grilled cheese sandwiches before getting sick, but smart phones and social media have enabled widespread participation in the #grilledcheese challenge at World Dairy Expo. I even tweeted a photo of myself (at right) about to partake in the third grilled cheese sandwich out of my six total for the week.

After I arrive at Expo this year, I'll tweet the same competition invite message. And throughout the weeklong event, I'll tweet my daily and weekly grilled cheese total using the Twitter hashtag of #grilledcheese. I invite everyone to participate and to follow my account at@wcooley, as well asProgressive Dairyman's at@PDmag.

If you don't have a Twitter-enabled mobile device, stop by our booth in Arena Building 441 and tell us your total. We'll tweet it for you. Stop by the booth frequently and follow the #grilledcheese hashtag to see if you've won a prize from Progressive Dairyman for eating the most for the day or the week.


In my opinion, these grilled cheese sandwiches are tops in the land, followed up only by the sandwich on the Applebee's kids' menu. (Yes, I order an extra for my kids, but it's really for me.)

Best of luck and see you soon!

Walt Cooley

Can't get enough grilled cheese? Check out Karen Lee's article, "Grilled cheese by the numbers" to find out the amount of dairy products the Badger Dairy Club will use throughout Expo week.