If you're a fan of Meet the Press and David Gregory, you'll recognize the title of this post. Here's a quick update about news and opinions that I've been reading this week. Topic - immigration.

Always a hot-bed for discussion about immigration policy, Arizona is close to passing state legislation that would allow local police officers toarrest unauthorized immigrantswho are unable to show documents proving they're legally residing in the U.S.

Make sure to read up on proposed changes to immigration law. A discussion of the outline for reform is in the April 2010 issue of El Lechero. The proposal seems pretty realistic and middle-of-the-road. It would definitely be favorable to dairy producers who can't find people to work in the parlor.

The junior senator from Arizona recently made some discouraging comments for those who want to see immigration reform succeed. He basically said Republicans will try to filibuster any immigration reform bill in order to see it fail and pin the failure on the Obama Administration.


Here's an opinion piece from a CNN contributor describing why we need change to immigration law. Most in agriculture, I would guess, agree with his logic.

Walt Cooley