At least once each year we specifically discuss the topic of cow comfort. This is one of those issues. Our tradition for the last three years has been to feature cover photos from dairies where our editors have personally observed exceptional cow comfort. Dairies that have been featured in the past include Hoffland Dairy in Clayton, Michigan, and Milk Unlimited Dairy Farms in Atlantic, Iowa.

This issue’s cover is a bit deceptive. Many of you who have ever photographed cows will sympathize with the outcome. Here’s the story from that day.

In each of the pens at Kevin Blood Dairy in State Center, Iowa, I observed nearly full stalls during a visit in 2008. The cows were calmly lying down and chewing their cud.

At the conclusion of my tour with dairy owner Kevin Blood, I returned to several of the pens to photograph what I thought would be a most amazing cover shot – a long row of cows lying down, each with a single pink shot of breeding paint on their rump. I found, however, that the pen that I had intended to photograph was now headed to the parlor.

The next pen of cows I visited was younger and more spooked. They too were all lying comfortably on sand, but upon entering the pen, no matter how slowly I moved, they backed away. Perhaps it was my blue biosecurity boots that made them skittish. Regardless, the best photograph I could get that day is the one on the cover. Blame it on young, skittish cows. Believe me, though, Kevin Blood’s dairy does a good job of cow comfort.


Do you know of a dairy, perhaps your own, that has great cow comfort? Please let me know.

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