Our first issue of 2010 really stands out, doesn’t it? There’s more to the magazine than just its new glossy pages. This is the first issue to be distributed separate from Progressive Dairyman. It’s also the first issue to be sent to some of you in packs of 5 or 10 magazines. We think you will find the extra copies useful. Please let us know if you need even more copies by filling out the circulation form on the inside back page and faxing it back to us.

I’m always amazed at who reads this magazine. As we’ve changed the way the magazine is distributed, I’ve learned not to try to predict who, where or how the magazine will be needed. Job title or geographic location alone are poor estimators of potential reader interest. While it is intended for dairy herdsmen and owners to use as a training and teaching resource, many others are reading the magazine for its overall bilingual usefulness. We thank you for your readership. Magazine circulation continues to stretch from coast to coast and border to border.

New in this issue of the magazine are several unique sections. The first we’ve titled, “Behind the label.” In this section we describe why and how you should use the products that you find on dairies today. For example, are you using vaccinations correctly? Find out how to understand the labels you see on products everyday and learn what their instructions tell you to do.

We’ve also added a column about milk quality to answer your questions about milking prep routines, mastitis, etc. Write in with a question. We’ll answer them in future issues. PD

Walt Cooley