Are you team Apple or Android?

Woolsey cassidy
Managing Editor / Ag Proud – Idaho
Cassidy is a contributing editor to Progressive Cattle and Progressive Forage magazines.

Perhaps you were drawn to Apple’s sleek style or the fact that Grandma wanted to FaceTime her grandkids. Maybe Android’s Google Assistant seemed more accommodating than Apple’s Siri, or maybe you were familiar with Apple’s desktop version so the iPhone seemed like the logical choice.

Whether you are as loyal to one as Alabama is to their Crimson Tide or your preference only goes as far as the price tag, there are different systems for different users simply because we don’t all fit in the same box.

For the last couple of years, our team at Progressive Publishing has been working on a project with that concept in mind. For years, we have heard “print is dead” from many traditional media conglomerates, but we have found just the opposite in our readership – some of you want print, some of you want digital, and others of you want both.

To better accommodate our digital readers, we recently launched – the landing site for Progressive Cattle and all our other publications. Here you can see all the latest stories in dairy, cattle, forage and more. In other words, hasn’t gone anywhere; it just got a new home and a makeover, with some major tucks and lifts.


What’s new?

The new Progressive Cattle site is more mobile-friendly, easier to seek out answers to your questions and find contacts for industry companies. Got a question about a scours outbreak in your herd? Type it in the search bar and articles will populate better than ever before. You’ll also be given additional articles or resources based on your search, as well as company contacts that could potentially offer product or service solutions.

You’ll also notice that after you read your first five articles, you will be asked to register. It doesn’t cost you anything, but doing so allows us to gauge who is reading our content so we can remain a free service for the beef industry.

And for those of you who read both digital and print formats, you might start to notice articles appearing online first instead of in print as they have in the past. This change allows us to get our content to you more quickly – instead of waiting for the print process and sometimes, yes, even mailing delays. We will be uploading more content and hitting those key topics right when you need it most.

We understand our readers and their preferences vary just as much as Florida’s ranching environment differs from Montana’s. Whether it’s stashing a copy of Progressive Cattle in the dash of your pickup for later reading, listening to a podcast on your drive to town or scrolling through the website on your cellphone as you sit down for lunch, we’re excited to offer quality options for how you want to receive your information. So go ahead, check it out at