It is crucial to take time for yourself; however, working on a farm can make it very difficult to physically “get away.” One easy way to escape is by listening to podcasts. Whether you have 12 or 58 minutes, there is a podcast out there that can lift your spirits.

Everyone is inspired by something different. Here are five different styles of podcasts that might inspire you:

TED Radio Hour

To learn a fresh idea, listen to TED Radio Hour.

TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. The goals of this podcast are to bring fresh approaches to old problems, discuss innovative inventions and open your mind to new ways of thinking. The host, Guy Raz, does an excellent job keeping the audience engaged and the podcast moving with different speakers. If you like this podcast, we also recommend checking out How I Built This, also hosted by Guy Raz.

The Dave Ramsey Show

To understand financials, listen to The Dave Ramsey Show.


Dave Ramsey empowers his audience to get out of debt, gain control of their money and achieve financial peace. Dave is very straightforward when giving financial advice, which makes it educational and entertaining. This podcast is for numbers people or those who don’t like conversations sugarcoated.

10 Percent Happier

To learn more about handling stress, listen to 10 Percent Happier with Dan Harris.

ABC news personality Dave Harris hosts this podcast on ideas to help train your mind, combining knowledge from meditation pioneers, neuroscientists, psychologists, mental health experts and world-leading health experts. You might think, “Meditation is not for me,” and that’s exactly what Dan said before his panic attack on live television. After that, he found meditation was the answer.

CoffeeBreak Languages

To learn a new language, listen to CoffeeBreak Languages.

Maybe it’s time to learn something new to lift your spirits and connect with people. The podcast teaches French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese. The 10- to 25-minute episodes make it easy to learn on the go, wherever and whenever it works for you. If you’re a beginner, make sure you begin with season one to learn the basics.

The Daily

To stay up to date on current news, listen to The Daily.

According to the podcast description, “This is what the news should sound like.” The New York Times shares current news stories told by journalists around the world with host Michael Barbaro. For me, news-related podcasts can drag on. This one keeps my attention with 20 minutes or less per episode.

Many of the podcasts and hosts are active on social media. Follow them and tune into the podcast that interests or inspires you. Start by checking out the podcast app on your smartphone. I have a Spotify account and download podcasts to listen offline as I’m traveling.

Then find time in your schedule to listen. Whether you tune in while eating breakfast, running errands or even while milking cows, podcasts are a quick and easy way to lift your spirits in a way that works for you.  end mark

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