Accelerated Genetics’ sire, 014HO03831 Veazland Marion-ET has recently passed away. Known for his high producing daughters, Marion was 40,000 doses shy of becoming a Millionaire sire for Accelerated Genetics.

“Marion has been a fantastic contributor to the success of Accelerated Genetics. Customers all over the world are very pleased with their Marion daughters,” comments Gary Fassett, Accelerated Genetics vice president of international sales.

Marion daughters are known for their tremendous milk production; tall, strong, deep and wide frames, and having solid rear udders that are high and wide.

This combination of dairy quality made Marion daughters easy to like and find in the cow pen.

“For a 13-year-old sire, Marion had quite the career having ranked solidly on the top 10 list for milk production every year, making him the undisputed high milk production sire of his generation,” added Dave Erf, Accelerated Genetics dairy sire analyst. PD


From Accelerated Genetics news release