On this Progressive Dairy Podcast, Matt Kaufmann, Great Lakes Regional Sales Manager at Papillon Agricultural Company, talks with Dr. Devan Paulus Compart, Technical Services Manager at Papillon, about the three phases of the Stress Response Cascade: initial stressors, the negative effect trio and, finally, reduced health and productivity. You’ll also hear about five key strategies to address that impact—and learn how functional additives play a key role in preventing damage and assisting systemic repair.

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Season 6, Episode 12

Episode Highlights:

  • Three phases of the Stress Response Cascade (1:50)
  • Five key strategies for addressing the Stress Response Cascade (9:54)
  • Functional additives and their impacts (11:45)
  • Papillon’s “diagnose first” approach (22:40)

This episode is sponsored by Papillon Agricultural Company.

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Papillon Agricultural Company develops and produces premium nutritional products for consultants, feed suppliers and producers nationwide. We commit to progressive research and a rigorous quality control program to deliver consistent, high-quality ingredients designed to maximize feed efficiency at the farm level. Our product portfolio includes prebiotics and probiotics, bypass proteins and specialty solutions.


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