Accelerated Genetics’ sire, Long-Langs Oman Oman, better known around the world as Man-O-Man (stud code 014HO04929) has recently passed away. Click here to read Progressive Dairyman Editor Walt Cooley's 2007 article about Man-O-Man's pedigree. Man-O-Man’s death is not an ending for his influence on the Holstein breed. His legacy will be carried forward by his clone 014HO06429 Man-O-Man 2.

“While we will forever be appreciative of the genetics that Man-O-Man offered to breeders around the world, the torch has been passed to Man-O-Man 2,” says Gary Fassett, Accelerated Genetics vice president of sales and communications.

“Fortunately, within the next six months Man-O-Man 2's lifetime semen production will surpass that of Man-O-Man. This will allow Holstein breeders to use Man-O-Man genetics for the foreseeable future.”

Man-O-Man has already made a tremendous influence around the world and is a favorite of many Holstein breeders. Following the April 2012 sire summaries, Man-O-Man was the No. 2 sire on the top 100 U.S. TPI list with +2247 TPI.

In addition, Man-O-Man is the highest 100 percent RHA proven bull in the breed for TPI.


Also in April, the highly anticipated addition of early second crop daughters has added to the legacy of this great bull. PD

—From Accelerated Genetics news release

Photo of Man-O-Man. Photo courtesy of Accelerated Genetics.