Advanced Instruments, Inc., recently introduced the Delta Instruments CombiScope FTIR 600 – the fastest and most accurate dairy analyzer on the market today for analysis of cow, goat, sheep, and buffalo milk. The system consists of two high-throughput analyzers – the LactoScope FTIR 600 for measuring chemical composition and the SomaScope LFC 600 for counting somatic cells in raw milk, both at speeds of 600 samples per hour.

This analyzer brings exciting new features and benefits to the dairy processing and testing lab, including the following:

• Sampling system motors have been eliminated. An electro-magnetic sampling system powers throughput without friction and wear of parts.

The sampling system uses IR and acoustic sensors to monitor sample temperature, condition, and volume without touching the milk.

• A patented interferometer – the heart of the analyzer’s spectrophotometer – is covered by a lifetime warranty.


This system uses no moving parts, which ensures complete calibration transfer without the need to realign using expensive consumables. No other system offers this solution. PD

—From Advanced Instruments, Inc. news release