The largest placement rate (97.8 percent) was from fall 2011 through summer 2012, according to Gaul. A total of 94 percent pursued professional employment, with 73 percent choosing to stay in Iowa to work.  Another 16 percent chose to pursue further education. Only 0.2 percent of CALS said they were not actively seeking employment.

According to Gaul’s report, the top 10 employers of CALS 2011-12 bachelor’s degree recipients:

1. DuPont Pioneer, 21 employed

2. Iowa State University, 19

3. USDA, 17


4. and 5. Monsanto Company and Syngenta, tied with 12 employed

6. Cargill, 11

7. Iowa DNR, nine

8. Eurofins Scientific, seven

9. and 10. AgReliant Genetics and John Deere, tied with six employed.  FG

—From Iowa State University