"Balance, Corvus, and other products with this active ingredient are not currently registered for sale or use in Wisconsin, and that has not changed," said Lori Bowman, director of the Bureau of Agrichemical Management in theWisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

There are several Balance and Corvus formulations, but all contain isoxaflutole. They are pre-emergence herbicides that prevent weeds from sprouting. "If you are a pesticide dealer, please be aware that you cannot legally distribute these products in Wisconsin," Bowman said.

"If you are an applicator or a farmer doing your own applications, remember that you cannot use this product, even if you are able to buy it from an out-of-state source."

When isoxaflutole containing pesticides were originally registered by the EPA in the early 2000s for use in some states, Wisconsin was not included because of concerns of surface and groundwater contamination and potential effects on non-target crops, including vegetables.

The federal registration and federally approved product label subsequently have not included Wisconsin.

Bayer CropScience, the company that makes the products, has been interested in registering them for sale and use in Wisconsin.

In late 2012, the EPA registered the use of isoxaflutole containing products in Wisconsin.


However, Bayer CropScience voluntarily withdrew the registration in January 2013 to work with the department regarding its historic concerns.

"We are working with Bayer CropScience and a technical advisory committee to review new information about the effects of isoxaflutole on water and other crops," Bowman said. "This new research will be used to determine under what conditions future registration of these products in Wisconsin might be possible."  FG

—From Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection