According to the company, these new PTO-driven balers are intended for commercial hay harvesters and livestock operations looking for dense, high-quality bales from an economical baler that requires little maintenance.

The MF1844S baler produces three-twine, 15-by-22-inch bales. The higher-capacity MF1844N builds slightly larger 16-by-22-inch bales.

Both models produce bales from 36 to 48 inches in length, and weigh about 145 pounds in alfalfa, depending on how the hydraulic density control is set.

Both new models feature hydraulic density control, which senses the resistance of the bales sliding through the bale chamber and sets the bale tension accordingly. Harvesters can monitor bale density from the gauges on the back of the baler and on the front shield and make adjustments using the control box.  FG

—From AGCO news release


Photo courtesy of AGCO.