Robotic milking continues growing in popularity, and it’s changing how dairy farmers manage their herds. In this Progressive Dairypodcast, you’ll hear from Stuart Marshall, who specializes in robotic milking systems for GEA.

Stuart helps dairy farmers transition to robotic milking and optimizes their robot performance. He focuses on advancing today’s robotic technology to meet the changing demands of dairies.

Stuart brings a unique perspective working with farmers from across the U.S. with varying facilities and goals. He shares insights on box robots, robotic rotaries, what the future holds and more!


Season 3, Episode 31



Podcast questions:

  1. 0:48 – Welcome, Stuart Marshall
  2. 1:51 – What are you seeing on farms with robotic milking?
  3. 3:07 – What changes are driving large herds to consider robots? 
  4. 4:23 – How has robotic milking evolved in the last 5 years?
  5. 7:44 – What are the investment considerations for robotic milking?
  6. 9:46 – How can farmers continue their daily management tasks with robots?
  7. 13:17 – What are robotic rotary advantages?
  8. 15:44 – What is the future of robotic milking?
  9. 18:36 – If you could share one piece of advice, what would it be?


This episode is sponsored by GEA.

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