The MIone multi-box robotic milking system from GEA Farm Technologies has been adapted to meet the demands of the North American dairy market and to meet the quality standards and guidelines set forth by industry regulatory agencies. This udder prep process has been AMDERC (Atlantic-Midwest Dairy Equipment Review Committee) approved and therefore FDA and state inspector accepted.

Steve Pretz, GEA Farm Technologies U.S. national sales manager for milking and cooling products said, “We are the first company to complete the AMDERC process on a robotic milking system, and we continue to pour great efforts into obtaining important regulatory approvals.

"Our customers can be confident that milk harvested from our equipment is of the highest quality possible.”

The machine utilizes one robotic application arm to service up to five milking boxes. It also features new cow milking technology. A 3D camera simultaneously “sees” the teat cup and teat, for precise attachment.

Once the teat cups are attached, teat cleaning, pre-dipping, drying, a milk quality check, stimulation, and milk harvest are executed in sequence – within the teat cup. This single attachment is purported to save time and prevent any system contamination.


The design of the milking rack allows for manual attachment of the teat cups when required. The system also uses patented Stimopuls technology to increase teat stimulation and milk let down. PD

—From GEA Farm Technologies news release