Calves are the future of our herd. Health and performance play a significant role in calf growth and development. And, ultimately, how well they start paying us back when they enter the milking herd. But raising calves isn’t always easy and they require special care and attention to detail.

In this episode, Taylor Wolfe, territory sales representative with DBC Ag Products, shares how we can navigate the challenges of calf raising to grow healthy, productive calves. She’ll share her perspective on what she sees and hears as she visits calf raisers across the Northeast.

Season 5, Episode 6


Here is the episode breakdown:

1:27 – Taylor introduction 

2:20 – Role helping calf raisers


3:19 – Favorite part of working with dairy farmers

4:28 – One thing about calf health that gets overlooked

5:10 – Biggest on-farm challenges

6:58 – Focusing on management practices

7:35 – Uncovering hidden costs

9:10 – Calf health and future milk production

10:20 – Veterinarian prescriptions

10:55 – Advice for calf raisers

11:20 – Where to learn more

This episode is sponsored by DBC Ag Products.

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DBC Ag Products offers innovative, all-natural eubiotics based products that set your calves up for success. First Arrival® with Encrypt® and Last Stand® with ImmWave® help calves maintain normal digestive health and support a healthy, functioning immune system. You can find them at an animal health distributor, dealer or veterinarian near you. Learn more at

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