Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is proud to be the national, united voice of Canadian dairy farmers. We strive to defend and promote the hard work that goes into creating some of the best milk in the world. Here is an end-of-the-year roundup as we move forward with confidence into 2024.

Second CUSMA panel rules in favour of Canada’s allocation of TRQs

In late November, the panel established to address the second U.S. challenge to Canada's administration of dairy tariff rate quotas (TRQs) under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) ruled entirely in Canada’s favour. The final report, published on Nov. 24, dismissed all claims made by the U.S. against our TRQ allocation system.

This outcome is an unequivocal victory for Canadian dairy farmers and confirms the effectiveness and fairness of our existing TRQ allocation framework. It is also important to note that the panel’s ruling is final, as there is no appeal process in CUSMA.

Agricultural Methane Reduction Challenge

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) recently announced the creation of its Agricultural Methane Reduction Challenge. Through this funding, up to $12 million can be awarded to innovators for low-cost and scalable practices, processes and technologies designed to reduce methane emissions produced by cattle.

Funds will be awarded to those advancing solutions in the cow-calf, dairy and feedlot sectors. The program has been designed in collaboration with agriculture sectors committed to emissions reduction, including DFC.


The challenge, which was launched in November, will use a phased approach to move innovators through the process of developing and deploying their solutions. At each stage of the challenge, the external review panel will determine which applicants move to the following stage and receive funding.

There are 20 prizes of up to $250,000 open to all eligible applicants participating in stage one; 10 prizes of up to $500,000 open to all semifinalists participating in stage two; and in the last stage, two winners will be awarded a grand prize of up to $1 million each.

All semifinalists and finalists will also benefit from nonfinancial support, such as mentorship and training opportunities. Applications will be accepted until Feb. 7, 2024.

In the 2022 report Faster and Further: Canada’s Methane Strategy, the federal government acknowledged that significant investments will be required for the country to reach net zero and that farmers will need support to help them move forward. The report also noted that Canadian dairy farmers are already global leaders in sustainability.

DFC’s award-winning sustainability campaign recognized again by global community

DFC’s award-winning campaign promoting the sustainability efforts of dairy farmers was once again recognized by the global community. “Net Zero by 2050 – We’re In” won the World Beverage Innovation Award for best marketing campaign at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany, on Nov. 28. The campaign was also shortlisted in the best corporate social responsibility (CSR)/sustainability initiative category.

DFC’s digital campaign featuring “cow influencer,” Daisy and her Mini-Games, was also shortlisted in the best marketing campaign category.

This was the fourth award the net zero campaign received in 2023. Last October, it won the Innovation Award in the marketing and communication initiative building (dairy) category at the International Dairy Federation’s Dairy Innovation Awards as part of the World Dairy Summit in Chicago, Illinois. In June, the campaign won two World Dairy Innovation Awards in the CSR/sustainability initiative category and the marketing campaign category at the Global Dairy Congress in London, England.

Fundraising for veterans

Every fall, Canadian dairy farmers join millions of their fellow citizens in pinning a poppy to their lapels in the lead-up to Remembrance Day on Nov. 11. Last November, through DFC’s online Blue Cow Shop and its partnership with the Legion National Foundation (LNF), dairy farmers raised over $16,000 in just a few weeks. One hundred percent of proceeds from the sale of a limited-edition camo-style cap, stylized with the Blue Cow logo, went directly to the LNF.

This partnership was designed to raise both money and awareness for the poppy campaign, as the physical distribution of poppies and donation collections has declined since the COVID-19 pandemic. With great enthusiasm, dairy farmers helped the LNF continue their work supporting our nation’s veterans and their families while expressing gratitude to those who continue to serve in Canada’s armed forces.

DFC is the national policy, lobbying and promotional organization representing Canadian dairy producers. DFC strives to create stable conditions for the dairy sector in Canada. It also seeks to maintain policies that promote the sustainability of Canadian dairy production and promote dairy products and their health benefits. Visit DFC’s website for more information.