What is M-Power? It’s Allflex identification products, SenseHub® Dairy monitoring and comprehensive animal health solutions all available through Merck Animal Health to give you greater control over herd performance than ever before. Learn more about this unique, full-solution approach to dairy and what it means for you and your dairy from Erica Tessmann, Marketing Manager for Dairy Monitoring Technology, and Austin Snook, Dairy Marketing Manager, at Merck Animal Health.

Season 6, Episode 21

This episode is sponsored by Merck Animal Health.

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With identification, monitoring and biopharma products fully integrated in one portfolio, Merck Animal Health offers the only true full-solution approach in the dairy industry. Identification. Monitoring. Biopharma. Which means you get the tools you need to eliminate guesswork, solve specific problems, let cows be cows and put more milk in the tank. It’s the way you want to work, working better than ever before. Learn more about this unique approach to dairy at M-Power-Dairy.com.

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