The following excerpt is from Gayle Anderson’s blog, “A Glorious Life of an Idaho Farmwife.” Anderson is married to a fourth generation wheat and bean farmer.

Farmer / Idaho

One of the reasons that I blog is to put a face on the people (like us) who raise the food that America eats. We have a joke around here that farmers never quit farming until they die.

So sitting recently at the funeral for a dear family farmer friend who passed away at 92 (and was active on his farm up until his death), I wanted to share the following poem:

A Farmer’s Prayer by Robin Fogle
Lord, bless the land you’ve given me,
and may I always know
As I tend each crop and creature
You’re the One who helps them grow.
Grant me the strength and wisdom
Please protect me from harm.
And thank You
For your Gracious gift -
The blessing of a farm.

And yes, it is true, we do feel very blessed to be farmers and value the farm friends that make life a beautiful time here on earth. And speaking of earth, Farmer Joe has a couple of videos, the first one shows him spraying the weeds to help garbanzo fields stay free of grassy weeds.


The second video is about readying a field for test plots for our local university - many farmers, like us set aside an acre or two for the universities to plant and test out new breeds of wheat in a real conditions.