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Summary: Betty Rose Young Elliot was one of the women featured in the article, “‘It wasn’t easy’: How dairywomen spanning generations and geography have made their mark on the industry,” which ran in the Nov. 21, 2016 print issue.

A separate feature article on Elliott was published online and received lots of great feedback from the dairy community.

“A wonderful story of leadership, strong will and persistence. I let the tears flow as I read the details.”
—Steve Washburn

“The true American Spirit shown in the strength of Betty.”


“What a beautiful tribute to Betty Rose Elliott! Thanks for sharing her amazing story with those who never had the chance to meet her. She was the epitome of a family dairy farmer. In today’s world of the dairy industry or agriculture, they would call her a pioneer.

But she was a mother determined to raise her family on their dairy farm. Betty Rose knew the importance of faith and family (including those who worked with her). She made a difference in many lives. Now her legacy is kept alive by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”
—Lesa Clark

From our Facebook page:
“Very inspiring story that I can definitely relate to. I am a young widow who has continued to farm on my own after my husband’s tragic death. This year will be year number 3 on my own, and I hope I am blessed with many years to come.”
—Amanda Peckins Leik

“Inspirational! I needed that ... thanks for sharing!”
—Jill Chadwick

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