With grant funding from the NRCS, the University of Idaho has recently created a series of field days focusing on manure handling on dairy operations. The first of such field days about manure collection and composting was held July 24 at Ted Miller Dairy in Jerome, Idaho. Subjects covered included: • Scraping manure from alleys • Vacuum truck usage • Managing manure slurries and solids using composting • Proper composting techniques using a compost turner

University of Idaho Extension specialist Mario de Haro presented the day’s material and led the discussions. Attendees toured the dairy facilities and followed the manure-handling processes in use at the dairy. Each step was discussed and advantages/disadvantages were pointed out as well as the effects that changing environmental conditions might have on each step.

A follow-up field day is scheduled for September to cover field application of dairy manure and composted materials. PD

TOP RIGHT: University of Idaho's manure-handling field day.


LEFT: Dairy producers gather at Ted Miller Dairy in Jerome, Idaho, in late July for a day-long tour and demonstration of manure-handling practices, including how to use manure slurry with composting.



Participants observed the demonstration of a manure vacuum wagon.


STEP 2: Vacuumed manure slurry was then applied to rows of composting manure.


STEP 3: Finally, a compost turner incorporated the slurry into the rows.

Photos by Mike Dixon