From 2007 to 2011, an average of 108.5 million tons of whole-plant corn was harvested annually for silage in the U.S. The majority of corn silage was stored in bunker silos and drive-over piles. But filling bunkers and piles can pose serious risks to employees, especially those who operate the pack tractors, unless safety guidelines are put in place in advance.

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Professor Emeritus / Kansas State University
Bolsen was a contributor to Progressive Dairy and Progressive Forage before passing away in 2020.

el_english_crossover 1. Properly equipped tractors can prevent tractor rollovers
• Make sure the tractor you operate is equipped with rollover protective structures (ROPS) and seat belts. When used with a seat belt, ROPS prevent the operator from being thrown from the protective zone and crushed by the tractor or equipment.

• Low-clearance, wide front-end tractors equipped with well-lugged tires help prevent slipping.

• If additional weight is needed to improve stability, consult with the dairy owner to add weights to the front and back of the tractors.

2. Safety guidelines for bunker silos
• Keep an eye on mounted sight rails of aboveground walls. These rails indicate the location of the wall but are not intended to hold an overturning tractor.


• If filling will occur at night, make sure any lights installed on the rails are working properly in order to avoid driving over dark areas.

• Never use large rectangular or round hay or straw bales as temporary bunker walls.

3. Proper packing technique
• Attend “silage team” meetings and discuss the packing procedure before the harvest begins. Be sure to fully understand your role during the entire packing process.


• Only mature, experienced employees should be permitted to operate pack tractors.

• When packing, form a progressive wedge of forage and maintain a minimum slope of 1-to-3. Maintain a minimum slope of 1-to-3 on the sides and ends of drive-over piles.

• Back tractors up steep slopes to prevent rollbacks.

• When using front-end loaders to move forage to the bunker or pile, do not carry the bucket any higher than necessary to help keep the center of gravity low.

0312el_bolsen_1 • If two or more pack tractors are used, establish a driving procedure with the other tractor operator(s) to prevent collisions.

• Do not fill bunker silos higher than the top of the wall.

Tractor rollover accidents account for about 50 percent of the tractor-related fatalities reported annually. Think safety first – packing accidents can be prevented if these safety guidelines are put in place. EL

Ruth E. Bolsen is the managing director of Keith Bolsen & Associates.

TOP: When two or more pack tractors are used, establish a driving procedure to prevent collisions.

MIDDLE: Never fill bunker silos higher than the top of the wall. A straight drop off of a bunker wall is a significant risk.

BOTTOM: Failure to maintain a minimum 1-to-3 slope on the sides of a pile increases the risk of a tractor rollover. Photos courtesy of Keith Bolsen.


Keith Bolsen
Professor emeritus
Kansas State University