The professional agriculture division of Central Life Sciences has approved Attack-All Livestock & Premise Fly Spray for use in California. The ready-to-use pump spray can be used on or around livestock to kill and repel a broad spectrum of insects. It is approved for both indoor and outdoor use including in milking parlors, calf hutches, barns, poultry houses, swine quarters, pens and more.

“With summer and peak fly season in full swing, the approval of Attack-All Livestock & Premise Fly Spray in California now offers our customers an effective fly-control solution,” said Nancy Stratinsky, brand manager of Starbar Products.

“As customers across the country can attest, Attack-All Livestock & Premise Fly Spray meets the standard of quality that has come to be expected of Starbar products, a trusted leader in pest control for more than 40 years.”

Attack-All Livestock & Premise Fly Spray is approved for the treatment of house, stable, face and horn flies as well as mosquitoes, gnats and more. It is available in a one-gallon container and features a pump spray equipped with an extendable hose for convenient and effective fly control.

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—From Central Life Sciences news release