ReproScan has introduced two new portable cattle ultrasound units. Both the XTC and the XTL are rugged, splash-proof 3.3 pound (1.5 kg) portable ultrasound units that come with a 6-hour lithium ion battery, battery charger and carry case. Both units work with a wide range of viewing devices including the new Bright Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor, binocular and monocular goggles and wireless monitors. ReproScan units can be adapted to work with most viewing devices on the market today. The ReproScan XTC and XTL have been designed specifically for bovine reproductive use and are marketed with the tagline “the ultrasound with the cow on it.”

ReproScan XTC
This unit features the unique 4.0 MHz convex rectal probe. The field of view with the 4.0 MHz convex rectal probe is up to 5 times larger than a traditional linear rectal probe, which allows for rapid pregnancy diagnosis.

The ReproScan XTC 4.0 MHz probe fits into the ReproArm, a 32-inch (85cm) extension arm that allows for “arms free” pregnancy testing of beef and dairy cattle. The ReproArm saves the operators' arms and shoulders from repetitive strain injuries and is quicker and easier to use in most scanning situations.

ReproScan XTL
Featuring a high-resolution 6.5 MHz linear rectal probe, the ReproScan XTL can be used for all dairy and beef “arm in” cow scanning including early pregnancy diagnosis, fetal sexing and ovarian structure observations.


The ReproScan XTL and XTC feature up to 8 preset examinations and quick zoom in and out keys. The operator can quickly select the ideal settings for a specific examination such as a 1cm grid for fetal aging. PD

—From ReproScan news release