Cooperative Resources International (CRI) has entered an agreement with Lusogenes, a subsidiary of Portugal’s national cattle improvement organization, in support of their efforts to further enhance genetic improvement in Portuguese dairy and beef cattle. CRI, together with French partner Amelis, will assist Lusogenes through delivery of genetics and technical consulting.

CRI Vice President of International Marketing Huub te Plate said, “The introduction of genomics, and thus the ability to identify elite males and females at a young age, has changed the cattle improvement industry.

"Lusogenes leadership recognizes the significance of genomics. And, with the assistance of CRI and Amelis, they look forward to utilizing genomics and other genetic technologies to improve the efficiency of Portuguese dairy and beef cattle to maximize on-farm profitability.”

António Ferreira of Lusogenes, the newly formed subsidiary company of ANABLE, said the dairy industry in Portugal moves several million euros and is characterized by enormous competitiveness.

“Recognizing the cattle industry is a globalized industry,” remarks Ferreira, “we want to create a win-win relationship in which all involved organizations benefit from shared knowledge and support the creation of economic value, along with sustainability of the Portuguese dairy herd.


"These are the reasons Lusogenes signed this cooperative agreement with CRI, one of the largest American cattle genetics organizations, and Amelis, one of the largest French providers of bovine genetics.” PD

—From Cooperative Resources International news release