As part of the organization’s ongoing commitment to shared research, the National Mastitis Council (NMC) recently launched a Facebook page to accompany its continuing social media outreach on LinkedIn and Twitter. These social media outlets offer an online portal for researchers and producers to share information on milk quality and industry insights.

The NMC pages provide a variety of useful information to followers including management tips and industry updates that correspond with NMC’s goal of improved milk quality.

Posts and discussions include management information on proper milking protocols and herd management as well as timely information for NMC members regarding upcoming events and ongoing milk quality research.

“NMC’s social networking efforts offer our members – and anyone interested in milk quality – great forums for networking,” says Sheila Andrew, NMC president.


“NMC is built on the international exchange of information relating to mastitis control and milk quality. The global reach of the NMC Facebook and Twitter pages will help us to further build that knowledge base of diverse expertise by providing another medium for us to discuss milk quality.” PD

—From National Mastitis Council news release