Tammy Anderson-Wise has been named chief executive officer of Dairy Council of California (Dairy Council of CA) by the organization’s producer-distributor board of directors. Anderson-Wise was formerly director of program services for Dairy Council of CA, managing its school programs. She has been with the organization 15 years. She replaces Peggy Biltz, who is retiring after spending 27 years with Dairy Council of CA, 22 as chief executive officer.

"I am humbly honored to be Peggy’s successor," Anderson-Wise said of the appointment.

"We share a vision for the future – staying true to our core focus on nutrition education. That means building a lifelong value for milk and milk products for California children and their parents – through more touch points and in behaviorally engaging ways that improve their eating habits."

In making the announcement, Strathmore producer Andy Rynsburger, Dairy Council of CA board chair said, "Tammy brings both experience and a passion for the Dairy Council of CA and what it stands for. We’re very excited to have her step into Peggy’s shoes and lead the organization into the future."

Under Biltz, Dairy Council of CA aggressively worked to ramp up its influence in a challenging California school market. The organization now reaches millions of children each year with a professional staff of 50 through its nutrition education programs in schools, collaboration with health professionals and through digital communications.


Some 90 percent of California schools use Dairy Council of CA nutrition education programs.

Biltz’s most recent efforts have been to demonstrate to health opinion leaders the importance of including all food groups as part of a balanced diet while proactively positioning milk and milk products as an "irreplaceable" food group for maintaining health.

"The dairy industry has a long history and continues to be a great example of an industry giving back to its communities," Biltz said. "I am very proud of my affiliation with the industry and the commitment of dairy families to nutrition education and health promotion."

Anderson-Wise steps into the chief executive officer position July 16. PD

—From Dairy Council of California news release