Dairy farmers daily observe outside forces flowing into their operations and shaping what they do and what revenue floats to the surface. If armed with current information, they can funnel the impact of those forces into profit-making energy.

Progressive Dairyman is excited for newcomer Dave Natzke to lead its relevant news coverage and increase its tempo.

Natzke has more than 36 years of experience informing dairy producers and other agricultural professionals about current trends in the market, legislative actions that impact their operations, important movements in the industry at large and regional news specific to dairy farming sectors throughout the U.S. His wide net of contacts and sources are sure to catch the dairy news that will help you prepare for and build a powerful operation despite the ebb and flow of the industry.

The following new weekly columns now conveniently filter the most important dairy news for you:

Dairy Industry ReportDairy Industry Report captures news from the industry worldwide. From news on powerhouse dairy conglomerates to global and national milk marketing campaigns to annual events, this report will hold the news most affecting you.


Dairy Economic UpdateDairy Economic Update strains the dairy market’s baselines and trends to serve you the essential news and market happenings necessary to make informed, profitable decisions.

Dairy Policy ReviewDairy Policy Review scopes out the industry happenings in Washington and headlines from other policy-making bodies. Reports focus on laws and regulations that are most likely to encroach upon or affect your business operations.

Dairy Regional RecapDairy Regional Recap organizes news across the nation into regional pockets. Enjoy your location’s news or peek into what’s going on in regions throughout the country.

As you build and adapt your progressive dairy to the changing times, Progressive Dairyman will be there to share the future waves of news and current events.  PD

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