Here are some of the new products or updates to previous products that have been announced as of November 9, 2011. Return to this section of the Progressive Dairyman website periodically to find out what new products will be impacting the dairy industry.


New all-steel flotation radial tire for highway use introduced
Alliance Tire Americas has introduced the FloTruck 382, a new, all-steel radial flotation tire rated for 6,610 pounds at 62 mph and DOT-compliant.

The block-tread design of this tire creates a large contact patch and a flat profile, reducing soil compaction and ensuring excellent road performance.

Advanced compounding and all-steel construction improve stubble resistance and deliver long-lasting performance.

This tire is available in the popular 600/50R22.5 size, which fits a wide range of agricultural trucks, wagons, carts and trailers.


—From Alliance Tire Group news release


New calf milk replacer keeps the weather in mind
Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company recently announced the release of Cow’s Match ColdFront, a new, uniquely formulated calf milk replacer that helps provide an optimal balance of fat and carbohydrates.

The key ingredients of this calf milk replacer provide higher and more quickly mobilized energy sources to dairy calves, helping them better overcome challenges associated with cooler weather and environmental conditions.

This product’s formula contains L-carnitine, a non-essential amino acid synthesized in the liver and kidneys from lysine and methionine.

Supplementing the supply of L-carnitine increases the utilization of fats by enhancing the rate of oxidation. By virtue of increasing fatty acid oxidation, L-carnitine increases the ability of calves to better tolerate cold stress.

—From Land O’Lakes news release

Johnson’s Innovations releases new calf feeders 110911_feedrmetercrossmount

The Feed-R-Meter provides an innovative new way to hutch-feed calves either milk supplement or pasteurized milk.

It is a self-contained, easy to operate, portable mixing/feeding/cleaning system for medium to large-volume calf feeding operations.

Feed-R-Meter Cross Mounted Model
: The new cross-mounted model makes an ATV a self-propelled calf feeder.

The frame is custom designed and built to carry the load of its 110, 150 and 200-gallon poly tank.


Model 100 Feed-R-Meter Walk Behind with power drive : This model includes a 24-volt Amigo electric ground drive system, eliminating the need for an exterior drive such as a tractor or ATV.

This model is less than 36 inches wide and easy to use in a confined building.

This model can feed 190 calves at 2.3 quarts or 145 calves at 3 quarts.

The running gear is custom designed and built to carry the load of its 110-gallon poly tank.

—From Johnson’s Innovations news release

Valmetal introduces new electric feed cart
The Electric Supercart e.42 is designed for durability and reduced maintenance cost.


Powered by a powerful electric motor, its ergonomic arrangement of the control levers and pedal make the dairy’s feeding operation more pleasant and efficient than ever before.

The drive wheels are directly driven by two hydraulic motors fed by a sturdy hydrostatic pump.

The beaters regulate the flow of feed and eliminate the risks of bridging – no matter the condition of silage.

An innovative yet simple driving system and the use of high-quality components make it a very efficient and reliable machine requiring little maintenance. PD

—From Valmetal news release