Happy Birthday, Accelerated Genetics! That's right, Accelerated Genetics is 70 years young and going strong! Since March of this year Accelerated Genetics has been celebrating its birthday through various means. The theme for this momentus achievement is “Celebrating 70 Years of Innovation.”

“Throughout our rich history, we have been the innovators, early adopters of new ideas, leading us to the new age of diversification, all directed by the needs of our customers,” comments Joel Groskreutz, Accelerated Genetics’ president and chief executive officer.

Accelerated Genetics is a cooperative symbolized by strength and vision. The strength of the cooperative is truly it’s people. Employees are known for their integrity of conducting business and their knowledge of the sires, products and services they provide.

The vision of Accelerated Genetics comes from utilizing member involvment of the cooperative. Groskreutz continues, “I believe in that principle. Our customer’s input is important and provides the vision needed to direct the company's operations.”

A great past leads to an exciting future. During Accelerated Genetics’ 70 years, service has been the cornerstone of the business. When producers buy from Accelerated Genetics, not only do they receive high-quality genetics, they also gain access to a whole variety of value-added services.


Providing these services is a highly trained, experienced team of professionals who take pride in helping their customers be succesful. Today, and in the future, even greater service is the priority at Accelerated Genetics with an approach to customizable service, because every herd has different needs.

“Working with our loyal customers for over 70 years has truly been an exciting adventure. We are poised for the future with great sires and products, new, innovative technologies, and service opportunities that target our customer’s needs,” adds Groskreutz. PD

—From Accelerated Genetics news release