Mahindra USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra LTD., the No. 1 selling tractor in the world, has given its website,, a new, user-friendly facelift. The dramatically redesigned site, created by Houston-based Tangelo Ideas, embodies the farm equipment leader’s forward-thinking vision and commitment to the growing and evolving needs of its customers.

The new standards-compliant HTML5, CSS, and Javascript site offers:

• A strategically driven sleek and simple new look, with extraneous information stripped from the home page.

• Easy navigation that delivers customers directly to the most important information, the tractor models and offers.

• Simple, accessible information that demonstrates the value within the product offerings through competitive comparisons, videos, etc.


• Large, clear product photography and simple design attributes.

• User-friendly browser experience, often taking a customer to his or her to relevant information in one click, instead of two or three.

• Rich imagery and helpful content for first-time tractor buyers.

• Mobile-friendly compatibility to allow users access via any tablet or smartphone device.

The new site will be a fully interactive experience for the user that will allow customers to do everything short of visiting a dealer and test-driving a tractor. These new features will include:

• A “Tractorpedia” section that provides relevant content for the first-time tractor buyer as well as experienced users.

• A “Needs Analyzer,” an interactive feature designed to recommend the perfect tractor and attachments to fit the needs of a potential buyer through a series of questions about projects, type of land, budget, and more.

• A “Build Your Own Tractor” feature that allows a user to completely customize his or her tractor with attachments, implements, and accessories and submit the package to a local dealer for a quote.

• Complete social media integration that will allow users and owners complete access to the “My Mahindra” community. PD

—From Mahindra USA news release