Location: Sulligent, Alabama Your agricultural background, in a nutshell: My grandfather converted his parents’ corn and cotton farm into a dairy in the early 1950s. Over time, it has grown into the 225-cow farm my father and I now operate. We also raise our own replacement heifers and manage 600 acres of pasture and forage production.

If I were not a dairyman … I would be bored out of my mind from not knowing how to manage all the free time.

I have been a member of DFA since … 1998 at its inception, and we were member of predecessor cooperatives dating back to before I was born.

Why did you join DFA? We joined this organization for the security of knowing that we will always have a market for our milk.

What DFA does best is ... securing new markets for members’ milk through innovation and strategic partnerships.


I feel valued as a member when … elected leadership and staff ask for my insights and opinions.

The dairy industry’s greatest opportunity is … to revitalize the fluid milk category and expand “dairy beverages.”

I hope my dairy legacy is … that my on-farm practices and promotion efforts can cause the public to look very favorably upon our industry.

My advice to all dairymen/dairywomen is … find a way to share your experience with the world beyond your farm gate. PD

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Members: Founded in 1998, DFA is owned by nearly 15,000 dairy farmers representing nearly 9,000 farms.

DFA is a milkmarketing cooperative and dairy foods processor dedicated to delivering value to members through secure markets,competitive pricing and increasing value throughout the entire dairy chain.