Steve Maier Jim Falls, Wisconsin Financial Consultant, Agri-Business Consulting Vita Plus

Please describe your agricultural background.
I grew up on a family dairy farm in northwest Wisconsin, where we milked about 65 registered Holsteins. I attended the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, where I worked on a number of dairy farms while attending school.

After graduation, I accepted a position with an independent feed mill in southeast Wisconsin and worked as a nutritional consultant. Eventually, my wife and I moved back to northwestern Wisconsin to be closer to our families. We started a small dairy operation, milking 60 head of Holsteins on a rented farm with all feed purchased and delivered daily.

After dispersing our dairy herd, I accepted a position with a community bank as an agricultural lender and remained there until recently, when I started with Agri-Business Consulting.

What education are you bringing with you to this position?
I earned a bachelor of science degree in dairy science with minors in farm management and agribusiness from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls.


What territory will you cover?
I will work primarily in northwestern Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, but will be available to work with customers elsewhere as needed.

What are your new responsibilities?
I will be working as a financial consultant with Agri-Business Consulting. I will be working with clients to organize and analyze their financial information and assist in forward planning, budgeting, marketing and transition planning.

What previous positions have you held?
I’ve been in the dairy industry my whole life and bring a diverse background to the table. I’ve worked as a nutritional consultant, an owner and operator of a small dairy farm, a mill manager and an agricultural loan officer.

What excites you most about working in your new role?
I look forward to the opportunity to work with progressive farm owners and managers and the ability to be a part of the successful management strategies of those businesses. I can continue to develop myself professionally as I’m surrounded by other successful business people in challenging situations.

How will you be of most help to producers in your region or area of expertise?
My experience in lending and financial analysis, blended with my background in dairying, will be useful and relevant to prospective customers and their operations.

Why did you choose this company?
I like the progressive nature and sense of ownership that is apparent within the Vita Plus organization.

What goals would you like to accomplish while in this position?
My goal is to continue to grow and improve my own skills as I work to further the success of my clients. I look forward to helping producers develop business management strategies that will lead to the long-term success of their operations. PD