Virtus Nutrition will launch a new, video-centered learning website this week at the World Dairy Expo. The website,, will focus on helping nutritionists and producers with fatty acid balance in feed.

Content on the site is primarily short videos about fatty acids and bovine nutrition, with supplemental material available for download. The content is accessible for nutritionists and producers.

Renee Smith, the company's marketing director, stressed that the website was not about selling products. "It's about making lasting contributions to the dairy industry," Smith said in statement. "It’s a non-biased resource to help nutritionists and producers better balance fatty acids in their herd diets."

The site's foundations were laid in May 2012, when Virtus started holding webinars on nutrition. The webinars were produced in cooperation with a number of universities. The website lists professors from Clemson University, University of Florida, Michigan State University, University of Illinois and Penn State University as 'faculty' contributing to the site. Other videos feature employees of Diamond V, Fencrest LLC, and SBScibus.

Dr. Thomas Jenkins is a researcher at Cornell University and has produced several videos for the Fatty Acid Forum webinar series. "The site will offer a wide range of topics and educational opportunities covering very simple topics on the terminology and the basics on what is a lipid, what is a fatty acid and what is the difference, to the very complex up-to-date topics presented by top-of-the-class university researchers sharing their insights and data on what is new, developing and emerging breakthroughs in dairy nutrition," Jenkins said. "This is not just for the advanced, high-level nutritionist. The site will be for everyone – those just getting started in the industry that need the very basic explanations and definitions for them to build on." PD


—From Virtus Nutrition news release