The All-American Dairy Foundation (AADF) will unveil the “Committed to the Future of Dairy Youth” logo during the Dairy Farmer Appreciation Banquet here at the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Monday evening, Sept. 15.

“Everything that happens at the show each year in Harrisburg has a different impact on the youth who are involved,” said AADF logo designer Michelle Morian of Crawford County. She is part of her family’s dairy farm near Atlantic, Pennsylvania, where she also operates Michelle Morian Designs – capturing the essence of people and their cattle in banners, ads and other unique projects.

“We contacted Michelle after seeing her designs on Facebook,” said AADF Executive Director Bob Heilman. “She took the information at our website and about our mission and ran with it. We are extremely pleased with the result and are excited to unveil it Monday night.”

Morian was touched as she read through the information, realizing the entire mission of AADF is to promote agriculture and youth, and to do so specifically through the Premier National Junior Show and the dairy management, judging, showmanship and other contests.

“While I was going through the website, I was having flashbacks,” she recalls. “I remembered being on the state 4-H judging team, and I had shown cattle almost every year since the Premier National Junior Show was started. I realized how I personally had been impacted by the AADF, an organization I previously knew nothing about. It hit me just how greatly I and every dairy young person is impacted by what AADF does.”


“Committed to the Future of Dairy Youth” became more than a phrase as Morian deliberated the new design. “It came out of personal experience – knowing it is AADF’s commitment to dairy youth that allows the show to go on and be funded and to do these great things for the youth who are the future of the dairy industry,” she relates.

The American flag is incorporated in the design because “it binds us as Americans and as exhibitors,” Morian explains. “It epitomizes who AADF is as far as their goals and heritage. I wanted the logo to convey the iconic image – the dairy passion we see here.”

Michelle Morian

She chose a silhouette to represent AADF’s commitment to dairy youth. Morian knew of the young lady whose silhouetted image she used in the design: Shelby Proctor of Cochranton, Pennsylvania. Though Shelby had been acquainted with dairy, her true introduction to the show ring came when she received a calf through the Crawford County calf ring and was taken under the wing of Dan and Loretta Dickey of Three-Pines Holsteins. Morian had watched Shelby grow to become a passionate dairywoman, showing and preparing her own cattle.

“To watch her on the halter, the passion is obvious,” Morian explains. “Shelby went from minimal involvement in dairy to come full circle to now attend college in communications with a desire to be involved in agriculture as an adult. Successes like this can be traced back to the All-American and the work of the AADF in providing opportunities for dairy youth to grow and develop that passion as well as the skills and confidence to do great things.”

Morian is quick to point out that competing in shows, judging and other contests at the All-American Dairy Show irrevocably shaped who she is as well.

“Going to Harrisburg expanded the horizons and possibilities that I thought were capable of happening in a person’s life,” Morian elaborates. “When I was younger, I thought milking cows was all there was and that one had to increase the herd numbers to stay in the industry. Going to Harrisburg and being involved in the activities showed me so much more. I began to think about those expanded horizons and what is possible.”

She is happy to have contributed her passion for youth, cows and art in the design of the AADF logo. “Bob trusted me with the AADF vision. The best thing about what I do is to be able to highlight someone’s work – whether it’s a cow that represents 10 generations and someone’s life’s work in breeding or the work of an organization that is truly ‘committed to the future of dairy youth.’”

The official unveiling of the AADF logo occurs at 7 p.m. Monday evening, Sept. 15 at the Dairy Farmers Appreciation Banquet during the All-American Dairy Show next week, where the AADF supports the youth education activities. In addition to the Premier National Junior Show, one-half of the approximately 2300 youth contestants each year are entered in competitions outside the show ring – including the Dairy Challenge Contest, Dairy Management Contest, Judging Forum, Showmanship Contest, Invitational Youth Cattle Judging Contest, as well as career and networking events.

For more information about how to be part of this “Commitment to the Future of Dairy Youth,” visit the All-American Dairy Foundation website. PD

—From the All-American Dairy Foundation news release

TOP: The new logo captures the dairy passion and skills young people develop through educational opportunities made possible each year by the financial support of the All-American Dairy Foundation (AADF). Design by Michelle Morian.

BOTTOM: Michelle Morian of Michelle Morian Designs, Atlantic, Pennsylvania, designed the All-American Dairy Foundation’s new logo “Committed to the Future of Dairy Youth.” Photos provided by the All-American Dairy Foundation.