The MilkShuttle of the company Urban for simple transportation of calf milk is now optionally equipped with an integrated pasteurizer. When pasteurizing the milk, germs and bacteria are reliably killed by heating the milk at 145°F, while all the important nutrients are preserved.

The milk is more digestible for the calves; diarrheal problems are avoided. An efficient heating, efficient cooling and a slowly rotating agitator provide a complete agitation and pasteurization of the milk, without foaming. Only a uniformly heated milk without foam gives a complete pasteurization with an effective reduction of bacteria. The Urban MilkShuttle Pasteur is designed with a cooling unit in an intermediate floor below the milk tank, so it can pasteurize and cool down small quantities of milk (2.64 gallons) with optimal energy efficiency.

New features

The puncture-free tires stabilize through their own weight, giving the shuttle all-terrain mobility. With the mixing table in the lid, mixing the correct concentration portions is becoming a breeze. The optional headlight at the handle ensures good visibility even in the dark season. The vacuum lid facilitates filling of milk from the milk cans, and the dosing out nozzle ensures a rest-free emptying of the hoses. The optional can holder transports two milk jugs or feed buckets for cleaning and thus saves a step.

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—From Urban GmbH and Co. KG news release


PHOTO: The MilkShuttle. Photo provided by Urban GmbH and Co. KG.