The Dairy Calf and Heifer Association (DCHA) announced its recent decision to strategically refocus the association’s priorities and industry role. DCHA will be redefining the information and services provided to its members to ensure relevant and progressive training and educational resources are available.

These changes will help to further advance the profitability, health and performance of young dairy animals, as well as the profitability potential of its members operations.

Additionally, the organization will seek to modernize its professional image and reputation across the industry, working closely with allied industry and research-focused entities to help drive product and service developments that will improve the livelihood of calf and heifer raising operations.

“DCHA was built on the combined passion, interest and need for continuous calf and heifer raising improvements,” says Jack Banker, DCHA president from Black Creek, Wisconsin. “We are very excited to revitalize the role and long-standing vision of DCHA.

“Building a professional producer-focused organization to help enhance calf and heifer raising is a critical responsibility of DCHA and one that association leadership is committed to as a strategic objective."


Realigning association operations with an industry partner that has a deep focus on the dairy industry is the first step DCHA has taken towards accomplishing its goals. In the upcoming months, programs and services will be carefully reviewed and enhanced as appropriate.

Concentrated efforts will be placed on an industry-leading conference agenda for the 2014 DCHA Annual Conference, to be held April 1-3, 2014, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“The 2014 conference committee is looking forward to developing a fresh approach for the upcoming meeting, which we hope will set new standards in information exchange and peer-to-peer calf and heifer manager interaction,” says Vicki Franken, chair of the 2014 conference committee.

“The 2014 conference will be a vital part of the reinvention of DCHA and we are nothing but committed to making it an invaluable event for dairy producers.” PD

—From Dairy Calf and Heifer Association news release