Oscar winning and two-time Emmy winning filmmaker James Moll has announced the production of a feature-length documentary about the next generation of American farmers and ranchers. The yet-to-be-titled film will profile farmers and ranchers in their twenties, all of whom have assumed the responsibility of running the family business.

Made in cooperation with U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), the film will give an up close and personal look at some of the young farmers and ranchers who grow and raise the food we consume daily, and into the latest farming procedures, practices and technologies that are changing and improving the landscape of modern agriculture. 

"We are very excited that James Moll is going to focus his next feature film on American agriculture,” said Bob Stallman, chairman of USFRA and president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

“Today's agricultureindustryneeds to better connect with consumers and this is a great opportunity for consumers to get to know farmers and ranchers through such a creative medium."

Moll most recently received a Grammy for directing and producing Foo Fighters: Back and Forth. In past years, Moll directed and produced numerous documentaries covering topics from the Holocaust to an epic trek across the Sahara Desert, teaming up with heavy-weights such as Matt Damon and Steven Spielberg along the way.


“I’ve always strived to make films that are unbiased testaments to the subject matter,” said Moll. “It’s about telling real stories that resonate. I've been looking for the right subject to tackle in my next documentary, and I've found the perfect topic in American agriculture.”

Moll received an Academy Award for directing and editing the feature documentary The Last Days, executive produced by Steven Spielberg. Moll also received an Emmy Award for Inheritance for which he was director/editor and producer.

Moll is also participating in The Power of Film (to Change the World) panel at SXSW where he will discuss the film and the importance of presenting unbiased insight into the lives of U.S. farmers and ranchers. PD

From U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance news release