Midwest Dairy Council is partnering with the McDonald’s Twin Cities Co-op throughout 2013 to underscore the benefits of a healthy breakfast. The partnership includes an $8,000 contribution from Minnesota McDonald’s franchise owner/operators to the Midwest Dairy Council and the GENYOUth Foundation.

The contribution will help fund grants for Minnesota schools that implement the Dairy Council’s flagship in-school program focused on child health and wellness.

“We look forward to creating greater awareness for the link between healthy breakfast and academic achievement,” said Mike Kruger, CEO for Midwest Dairy Council.

“In addition to helping fund grants, McDonald’s franchise owner-operators also are providing reward cards for schools that document their health and wellness activity and successes.”

The partnership leverages a common emphasis on healthy solutions such as increased consumption of whole grains, fruit and low-fat or fat-free dairy products.


“Both of our organizations understand that wholesome menu options – especially at breakfast – are part of improving child health,” says Paul Ostergaard, McDonald's Twin Cities Co-Op president. “Together, we’re working to expand the healthy lessons kids are learning in school to involve the whole community.” PD

From Midwest Dairy Council news release