Scheduled for May 19-22 in Lexington, Kentucky, this year's Alltech International Symposium will focus on looking to the future to provide for the world's growing demand for food. Alltech plans to dedicate an entire track to crop science at Glimpse 2020, the 29th annual symposium. A wide range of dairy topics is also on the agenda.

New in 2013, the delegates will have the opportunity to select breakout session tracks. These tracks, as opposed to traditional species or subject breakouts, will offer attendees a more holistic experience in which they take part in discussions ranging from algae and agriculture’s carbon footprint to nutrition and marketing.

Dairy-focused breakout session tracks are:

  • You Are What You Eat: Better Health through Better Nutrition and the Role of DHA
  • Reimagining Nutrition: Proteins, Fats, Fibers and Amino Acids
  • Is At-Home Milk Delivery the Wave of the Future?
  • Problem-Solvers: A Day in the Life of the Dairy Workers Program
  • The ACE Principal: Friendly to the Animal, the Consumer and the Environment: Total Replacement Technology
  • Improving the Cow: Two Lactations per Cow.
  • Big Herds, Big Problems: China is a Nutritionist’s Dream.
  • A Glimpse of the Milk Market Globally: How the removal of milk quotas will open up opportunities for the efficient and the forward-thinking while possibly becoming the death knell of many more farmers.
  • Risk, Remediation and Solution: Mycotoxin Management
Dairy industry members will also get the opportunity to fully explore the topic of carbon footprint through an entire track dedicated to the issue:
  • Carbon: Here Comes the Bill
  • Global Warming: Is it Real?
  • The 4 Point Plan: Know Your Carbon Footprint and Lower Your Taxes
  • Embrace the Carbon Footprint: How the Irish have embraced the carbon footprint to improve their green image
  • Agriculture, Will it be Less Toxic?

Standard registration for Alltech’s 29th Annual International Symposium costs $850. Delegates who are members of ARPAS and AAVSB can also earn CEUs. Attendees are encouraged to register early as space is limited. PD


—From Alltech news release