When you think of all the contractors involved in building your house, which trade do you think was the most important? I know a guy who says it’s the insulation guy. Take a guess at what he does.

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Dairy Coach / Dairy Interactive, LLC

Yep, he’s an insulation guy. As far as he’s concerned, the work that he does is the most important part of building a house.

Sure, insulation is pretty important. In fact, I couldn’t imagine what it would cost to heat and cool a house without it. But at the same time, I’m pretty happy that I have a roof on my house every time it starts raining.

And don’t get me started on the marvels of indoor plumbing ... definitely beats the alternative. And although I could survive without a TV, I’m afraid my house would be pretty loud if I had to use a generator every time I wanted to turn the lights on.

The truth is ... of all the trades that are needed to build a house, there’s not just “one thing” that’s the most important. Collectively, all of the trades make a house what it is.


And your dairy isn’t any different. But ... that doesn’t stop a lot of dairy professionals from making the claim that the area they specialize in is the “most important.”

If you ask the milking equipment guys, they’ll remind you that keeping your parlor running is the most important thing to keep all your milkings on schedule. Veterinarians and herd managers tend to agree that the cows are the dairy’s most important priority.

Talk to the nutritionists, and they’ll tell you that the feeder has the most important job on the dairy. And if you ask me, I’d tell you that your employees are the most critical key to your dairy’s success.

Even though we’re all correct to say that our area of expertise is important, we’re all wrong when we say that it’s the “most important.” You see, if there’s just one “most important thing,” there has to be one “least important thing.” So then, what’s the least important?

Although each function of your business is important, the reality is that not every area of the dairy is created equal. And while every day presents a different set of challenges, a few things remain the same ... your cows and your people do the work that makes your dairy what it is today.

Without a doubt, your dairy has a lot of important priorities. Collectively, everything matters. And where you choose to invest your time and attention ... matters most! PD


Tom Wall
Dairy Coach
Dairy Interactive, LLC