• Michigan Milk Producers Association awarded eight scholarships to students enrolled in Michigan State University’s dairy management program. They are Brent Bebow, Taran Hooks, Jorin Ouwinga, Malissa Reed, Andy Slocum, Matthew Stanton, Kelvin Webster and Brittney Zondlak.

• Wisconsin’s Dairy Business Association named Ocooch Dairy and the Mlsna family as DBA Advocates of the Year.

• Shoshone, Idaho-based 4 Brothers Dairy – owned and operated by the Fitzgerald brothers (Andrew, Jerome, Clem and Louie) – was recognized as Glanbia’s Quality Patron of the Year.

• FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative’s 2013 officers are Peter Kleiman as president, Richard Meyer as vice president, Bernard Vander Heiden as secretary and John Rettler as treasurer. PD


—From MMPA , DBA , Glanbia and FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative news releases