Holstein Association USA reported that 2012 was a solid year for U.S. registered Holsteins and program activity, with interest in registered Holstein cattle continuing to grow. Registrations at the end of last year totaled 362,669, up 2,520 from 2011. “Looking down memory lane, 10 years ago in 2002, we registered 315,488 Holsteins,” said association CEO John M. Meyer, in his State of the Association address at regional member meetings this winter.

“Because of you and the world’s most profitable cow, the U.S. registered Holstein, registrations have increased 47,181 in the last 10 years.”

Last year, the association identified 204,474 Holsteins through the Basic ID program, which is a stepping stone to full registry status. Animals identified with Basic ID are not eligible for Holstein USA recognitions or official Holstein pedigrees.

Basic ID, combined with registrations, brings the total number of animals identified in 2012 to 567,143.

Participation in the Holstein COMPLETE program was also strong, with 281,359 cows enrolled in the program at the end of 2012, which is an increase of 10 percent over 2011 numbers.


Holstein COMPLETE is a premier program that bundles registrations, classification, production records, pedigrees and other services together for one annual fee.

The number of genotyped animals continues to increase annually. In 2012, 26,796 genomic tests were performed, compared to 19,474 in 2011, an increase of 7,322.

“There is more genomic testing of Holstein cattle in the U.S. than there is of any breed of cattle anywhere in the world, helping to ensure the genetic superiority of U.S. registered Holsteins,” Meyer stated.

In addition, the association welcomed 629 new adult members and 966 junior members in 2012, which is a 3 percent increase in adults and 8 percent increase in juniors.

A complete report on the association’s 2012 performance will be presented at the 2013 annual meeting, July 10 and 11, in Indianapolis, Indiana. PD

—From Holstein Association USA news release

Several members of Holstein Association USA's registry department celebrate a successful year, processing applications for over 362,000 Holsteins in 2012. Photo courtesy of Holstein Association USA.