Powerfoil X2.0, the newest industrial fan from the Big Ass Fan Company of Lexington, Kentucky, significantly increases the coverage area of the company’s popular Powerfoil X. Released on May 1, the Powerfoil X2.0 introduces a new patented airfoil system that combines patented airfoils and winglets with patent-pending AirFence technology to increase overall coverage by 28 percent.

The winglet improves airfoil effectiveness by eliminating turbulence at the tip, while the AirFence captures air that would otherwise slip off the end of the airfoil.

The 8- to 24-foot diameter Powerfoil X2.0 was developed by a team of engineers in the Big Ass Fan Company’s custom-built research and development facility. Thorough testing and multiple durability enhancements led the company to offer a nonprorated 15-year warranty on the new Powerfoil X2.0. PD


—From Big Ass Fan Company news release