Mark UptonPauls Valley, Oklahoma National Sales Manager Central Life Sciences

What education are you bringing with you to this position

I have an associate’s degree from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and a bachelor’s degree in business management from Oklahoma State University.

What territory will you cover?

Please describe your agricultural background.
I grew up on a large cow-calf operation in eastern Oklahoma, where I was involved in FFA and normal activities that are required to maintain a profitable cow herd. I also train and show rope horses and help my kids with their show pigs.

What are your new responsibilities?
I have a group of five individuals reporting to me who call on all of the major feed companies in the U.S. My responsibilities are to provide support and resources to my team in order to meet our sales goals.


I will also serve as a channel to upper management to improve our product offerings and sales structure to better serve our customers.

What previous positionshave you held?
In 1990, after graduation, I went to work for Vigortone Ag Products in southern Carolina working with beef, dairy and swine operators.

In 1994 I returned to Oklahoma and began working for Roche Animal Health/Alpharma and then joined Central Life Sciences in 2002 as a regional sales manager. Now, I am national sales manager.

What excites you most about working in your new role?
I have a great group of individuals who really understand the medicinal feed additive arena. They all have many years of experience in the feed and animal health industry and we have a great product offering for producers.

Most importantly, Central Life Sciences continues to look for new and innovative ways to improve producers’ bottom line by reducing fly populations. It is exciting to bring these methods to the market place.

How will you be of most helpto producers in your regionor area of expertise?
By helping to improve their profits!

Why did you choose this company?
I had worked previously with our director of sales, so I had a comfort level with him. Also, he indicated that Central took care of their employees and was dedicated to the industry. It was an easy decision.

What goals would you like to accomplish while in this position?
Obviously to dramatically grow our business, but more than that, I would like to help solve some of the problems that both dairymen and beef cattle operations suffer because of the enormous damage that fly populations cause in many different ways. PD