Note: The following are opinion commentaries. No: The Dairy Security Act of 2011 and other sideshow plans are just another way for everyone to make money off of milk, except we farmers who produce it. We can all acknowledge there is not enough money in milk for everyone who touches it to be rich, so the popular answer seems to have the farmer buy expensive insurance. Picture a pie chart … Now, in your mind, make the circumference of that pie larger (money from insurance claims). Now cut your piece – bigger piece, right? But at whose expense? Yours! Yes, your piece will be bigger too, but don’t forget to deduct the premium you paid to insure everyone else a bigger piece. You lose again.

Some are concerned this will make the U.S. the balancing act for the world’s milk production. I’m more concerned that these insurance scams make us the balancing act for everyone’s profitability.

Ron Paul will be the Dark Horse to win this next election. I predict S-1640 (NPDO & Pro-Ag) will be as well. The only true American plan!
Mike Eby
Gordonville, Pennsylvania


Yes: I am in favor of supply management but only on imports and not by producer. If not, we’re only guaranteeing a market for foreign countries, and we need to look after our own. Also, milk prices should not be priced off of cheese prices.
John Kriegel
Hampshire, Illinois