IPS releases No. 1 Red Holstein and much more As the result of the January 2008 sire summaries, International Protein Sires (IPS) added five highly qualified sires to their proven lineup, announced recently by Ron Sersland, President and CEO.

The pacesetter among the new IPS releases is 6HO1124 Tycoon-Red, the No.1 Red Holstein at +1657 TPI. Tycoon ranks very high among Red bulls at +2.11 type and +2.36 udder composite. This breed leader is exceptional for fitness traits achieving a +4.5 productive life, low somatic cell score of 2.52 and great strength; with 456 as assigned by aAa. Unequally, Tycoon’s pedigree has no Rubens influence so he complements a large segment of the Red population. Sired by Paradox-Red, Tycoon is from an excellent uddered Mtoto daughter.

A mainstay of the IPS lineup is 6HO0967 Mr. Monarch that was elevated to world prominence by making the Top 100 World TPI ranking. Mr. Monarch achieved a +1688 TPI with a +2.23 type rating. And further, the daughters show exceptional components with +0.09% protein and +0.12% fat. Durham is the sire of his prominent lineage. And his dam is an Excellent-91 Lee daughter from Miss Mark Maui (EX-95).

Two new releases descend from the well-known Lindy Sheen cow family. The first of these pacemakers is 6HO1118 Sean at +1651 TPI. Sean is a Juror son from a maternal sister of Lindy Sheen, Ocean-View Encore Sheen (EX-91). His formidable proof includes +2.43 type and +1,672 milk. The second of this pair is 6HO1127 Shane at +1628 TPI. Shane is a Roy son from the Outside daughter of Lindy Sheen, Ocean-View Outside Sheen (EX-91). His outstanding proof includes +3.12 type and +2.41 udder composite.

A new and unique addition is 6HO0763 Helper with a +2.64 type evaluation. Helper is an early Stormatic son from an Excellent-92 Mason daughter. All told, the five newest IPS bulls average +2.47 for type. Subsequently, a remarkable 62% of their proven Holstein lineup exceeds +2.00 type level.


—From International Protein Sires press release

Big boost for Excalibur Sires with January proofs
Though the weather during the January proof release was like that in Antarctica, the sires in Excalibur Sires’ bullpen were red hot. Excalibur Sires saw nice increases of proof data for bulls already in their line-up and the addition of new head-turning, jaw-dropping bulls as well.

Excalibur Sires added three more new proven sires to the line-up during the January proofs. Ocean-View Roy Safari-ET made a grand entrance with an incredible +2.46 Type. Adding to Safari’s type was an impressive +0.13% Fat and +0.05% Protein. Safari is the best all around son of Roylane Jordan-ET available. Safari’s dam is Ocean-View Lindy Sheen, EX-94 GMD. Sheen already has eight excellent daughters, the highest scored being Safari’s full sister Ocean-View Roy Sheena EX-91.

Another graduate of the Excalibur Sires Pinnacle Program was Lesperron Big Daddy-ET. This Morty son debuted at +1511 Milk. He also boasts an aAa of 615243. Big Daddy’s dam, Comestar Storm Daisie-ET VG-87, is also a full-sister to Stormatic!

Lesperron Lewis-ET also made the big-time during the January proofs. Lewis makes an excellent outcross genetic choice with a balanced mix of production and type. Lewis also can brag as he has a desirable aAa of 216. Sired by Canyon-Breeze Allen-ET, Lewis’ dam is Lesperron Convincer Lariana-ET VG-87; her 4th dam is the genetic fountain head Comestar Laurie Sheik.

Making a big jump during the January proofs was Laudan-ET, who climbed to +1208 Milk, +1.54 Type, +1.20 F&L, bringing him in at an incredible +1819 TPI. 7% calving ease helps his popularity even more. Due to a technical error, Laudan was not added to the list of active bulls in the United States. Laudan would have placed number 12 on the official Top TPI List.

Autumn-Ridge Bojangles-ET EX-90 shows up at number 8 on the TPI list with an impressive +1823 TPI. On top of dominating the TPI list, Bojangles came out at +89 Fat and +2.2 Productive Life. The January proofs was the icing on the cake for Bojangles, who recently had his first Excellent daughter, Eildon Tweed Bo Armer, that scored EX-90 EX-92-MS.

—From Excalibur Sires press release

Select’s new graduates highlighted by high-ranking TPI
With the release of January 15 genetic evaluations, Select Sires graduates 11 diverse and elite sires, including six new bulls that score +1700 or higher for Total Performance Index™ (TPI™). Additionally, the new graduating class offers exceptional production, high type and in-demand fitness traits.

“This graduating class from Select Sires exemplifies the best the Holstein breed has to offer,” said Blaine Crosser, vice president of dairy sire product line and sales management for Select Sires. “Type and production are in demand by every dairy producer and these new sires offer those plus unique pedigrees, health traits and more.”

PLANET is the new TPI and milk leader at Select Sires. 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET debuts with out-of-this-world numbers for TPI (+2053) and Milk (+2,828), topping Select’s lineup for both traits. Planet offers elite components yield at +74 Protein and +78 Fat and high Type (+2.70), including outstanding udders (+2.05 UDC). Sired by Rose-Baum Taboo-ET, Planet is a unique outcross sire that is already being used as a sire of sons at Select Sires.

A HealthMark™ sire, 7HO7853 Lutz-Brookview MICHAEL-ET earns this designation with +2.8 Daughter Pregnancy Rate and +3.8 Productive Life. Michael is calving ease (7% CE) and carries the Herdlife Builder™ designation. He boasts total performance (+1765 TPI) and improves the bottom line at +$483 Net Merit.

The No. 6 TPI bull on Select’s lineup (+1777 TPI), 7HO8032 Kerndt Magna Mae PATZ-ET debuts with exceptional fitness traits and components. Patz carries the HealthMark designation with +1.1 Daughter Pregnancy Rate and +4.5 Productive Life. He is extreme for fat and protein percents (+.06%P and +.17%F) with an excellent Cheese Merit value of +$594.

7HO8236 GG SPARTACUS is a Superior Settler™ with outstanding TPI (+1798). Spartacus also specializes in Fat (+79) and Net Merit Dollars (+$504), ranking among the top-5 sires at Select for both traits. As a Herdlife Builder, look for Spartacus to transmit the type traits that correlate to improved longevity. 7HO8163 Penn-England TEMPTATION-ET excels in TPI (+1716) while ranking as the highest new graduate for Type (+2.82). Additionally, Temptation is calving ease at 6%. A Superior Settler and HealthMark sire, 7HO8039 Kerndt Mae APACHE-ET is also a Herdlife Builder. This truly special sire combines high-ranking TPI (+1700) and elite Type (+2.58). With solid composites (+1.87 UDC and +1.98 FLC), Apache is the first son of 7HO5841 Sikkema-Star-W HI METRO-ET to debut on the Select Sires lineup.

—From Select Sires website

Alta promotes its consistency
There’s something to be said for consistency; to be considered the reliable source for top quality genetic products. That’s the message from the January 2008 sires summaries as it relates to Alta – and of course that consistency, while celebrated, is an outcome of a determined effort to establish programs that would create that very result.

“We have chosen for quality”, states Alta’s CEO Cees Hartmans, “and consistency in the results we are achieving are an outcome of so many important changes that we have made over the past decade”. From its global approach to product development, attention to a higher standard of data quality for genetic evaluations, and an uncompromising stance on semen processing standards that lead to industry-leading fertility results, Hartmans can point to many reasons for the consistent results being achieved.

Second-crop success is the clearest example of consistency and the January sire update provides yet another group of sires that are achieving favorable results for Alta clients. Sires like 011HO06414 AltaALLEGRO, 011HO06708 ACTIVIST, 011HO07319 AltaSUEDE, 011HO06440 AltaSYLVESTER, 011HO06433 RUDY, 011HO05778 AltaORIGINAL, 011HO07208 AltaLUCKY MIKE, 011HO06116 AltaROLEX, 011HO08046 RAMOS, 011HO05611 LANCELOT, 011HO05929 AltaALLY, 011HO05086 AltaBLASTOFF and many others demonstrate that a track record of delivering on expectations is the Alta norm.

With each proof summary, Alta continues to harvest quality recruits that provide producers with exceptional choice, but also sires that inspire confidence immediately. New graduates just added to Alta’s sire lists demonstrate the point: highly reliable information on graduating sires.

—From Alta Genetics website

Accelerated Genetics releases new PACE graduates
This summary brings to close the longest interval between proofs in many years. It has been five months since the last release of information in August 2007. With so much time between summaries, a large amount of data has been added. There is much new with Accelerated Genetics’ lineup with exciting new PACE releases and new data on previous releases.

The PACE program has produced many great bulls over the past years – this summary is no exception. Many top Jersey sires have graduated recently and this proof run produced another one. 014JE00431 Grieves graduates among the Top 10 JPI bulls of the breed. He enters the Accelerated Genetics’ lineup as our #1 Net Merit bull at +411 NM$. Grieves is an early Jace son from an Excellent dam. At +57 PTAP, he is Accelerated Genetics’ top bull for protein. The Grieves daughters are tall, strong and wide with outstanding rear udders. He joins an already strong Jersey lineup. 014JE00406 Blueprint increased +50 NM$, mainly on improved health trait information. 014JE00414 Fox made great gains on production and jumped +37 on JPI to +189.

Headlining the new releases in Holsteins is 014HO04438 River. A truly astounding combination of production and type makes River quite unique. At +2841 PTAM, +67 PTAF, +64 PTAP, and +2.46 PTAT, he provides an impressive opportunity to increase production levels in your herd as well as adding a great source of size, depth and strength. River daughters also have outstanding rear udders and at 8% Service Sire Calving Ease (SSCE), he can be used on heifers. At +1758 TPI, River will rank among the top 25 bulls of the breed. River is a Morty son from a Very Good Manfred daughter that has produced many outstanding daughters. If you are looking for more milk, River has the ability to make it flow!

The highest Net Merit new release PACE sire for this proof run with +464 NM$ is 014HO04460 Carl. He is a Machoman out of an Excellent Charm daughter. Carl is a health trait and component specialist. At +3.9 PL, +2.7 DPR, and 7% for both sire (SSCE) and daughter calving ease (DCE), he sires trouble-free cattle. Carl is also +.19% fat and +63 PTAF as well as +.03% protein.

Two new high-type, calving ease PACE releases are 014HO04470 Doc and 014HO04493 Racer. Doc is an Outside son out of an Excellent Durham. He is +2.55 PTAT and 1.95 UDC along with high ratings for longevity (+3.5 PL) and reproduction (+1.2 DPR). Racer is a Stormatic out of an EX-91 Durham. He is a high-type (+2.65 PTAT) sire with high milk and protein.

—From Accelerated Genetics News

Top 100 TPI international bull ranking offered by Semex
Semex sires grabbed a strong hold of the top 100 International TPI, listing 60 in the January 2008 proof round with stud code 200 bulls occupying 10 of the top 60 slots.

Internationally popular 0200HO03205 Braedale Goldwyn and 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye ranked #7 & #8 respectively, with Goldwyn ranking high overall due to his tremendous PTAT of +3.38, the highest in the Top 10. Adding to his popularity is his high fat of +64, low SCS of 2.58 and 2.7 Productive Life. Buckeye offers breeders the most milk and lowest SCS in the Top 10 with PTAM +1787 and 2.85 SCS. This combined with his NM$ of 443, 2.1 PL and one of the highest combined UDC and FLC stats in the top 20 at +2.20 and +2.03 makes Buckeye one of the most sought-after bulls in all herds around the world.

0200HO01796 Stantons Sidney hits the #17 position on his debut run, combining two extremely prolific Holstein families... the Laurie Sheiks and the Saturdays. By the popular Comestar Lheros, Sidney’s numbers position him for success, being +2.48 PTAT, +1.76UDC with +1462 lbs M and a NM$ of 411 +1.9 Productive Life. In the field, reports cite Sidney daughters as stylish individuals with wide rear udders, strong median suspensory ligaments and hard loins, making them very functional and profitable additions to any herd, anywhere.

The Comestar Stormatic son 0200HO05156 Comestar Littoral shows how Semex bulls work everywhere with the highest combined milk and PL in the Top 100 listing at +2314 PTAM and 2.6 PL with a low 2.93 SCS. Littoral daughters are very high-producing cows in the field, being long and silky with great flatness of bone. They walk through the barn and freestalls on comfortable feet and legs with udders that have held up extremely well to their high production levels, making them easy favorites in the parlor and the bulk tank.

No strangers to the Top 100 listing, 0200HO03315 Braedale Pagewire and 0200HO01584 Diamond-Oak Frosty remain strong in the top 50 with exceptional combined production, functional and type traits, contributing to Semex’s 10 of the top 60 being among the very best in the breed.

—From Semex USA News

January 2008 proven bulls from El Toro Genetics
508HO10405 FLAMINGO. Sired by Mtoto, he has the health traits, strength and balance with a TPI of +1678. Combined with the great Chief Faith family, FLAMINGO sires average-size cattle with good width from front to rear with some slope to the rump. He is +1.27 on udders and +1.25 on feet and legs. He is out of Junge Converse Flame-ET. The next dam is Plushanski BS Flustar-ET VG-88 GMD DOM. Flame’s full brother is the popular Junge Converse Fagan-ET bull who ranks high on the 97% rel. list. FLAMINGO’S maternal brother is our Flip bull, 508HO10279.

508HO0359 FRISCO. The result of a great mating, BW Marshall x a Mtoto daughter that is VG-87 and produced 2-02 365 33,890 4.0 1381 2.8 959. The eighth dam is Plushanski Chief Faith Ex-94 – 4E GMD, maybe the world’s best-known brood cow. Between her and Frisco are 7 dams scoring VG, with 5 of them GMD-DO.

508HO10272 JEVON. Not just another sire, he is associated with production, fertility, longevity, dairyman satisfaction and calving ease. A high reliability Duster son that gets the job done – Jevon, sire of sons, a Gold Medal sire and #1 bull in the USA for Productive Life +7.5 PL. His TPI is +1657.

508HO9416 MR SHANE, our favorite Durham son. A fine transmitter of type and udders, along with dairy character and sound feet and legs. Second- and third-lactation udders are of outstanding quality that are milking and wearing beautifully. At +3.08 PTAT, +1.89 UDC, +1617 TPI, +0.5 PL, 2.75 SCS and the dairyness to milk, too. Out of Sher-Est Emory Swanny ET TV EX-90 6th Gen. EX, she produced 2-2 365da 27,720 4.1 1150 3.1 871. 2nd dam Sher-Est Prelude Swan-ET EX-91 EEEEE and her high record 4-6 365d is 42,510M 5.2 2218F 3.0 1271P (3rd WI Fat record). 3rd dam Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday-ET EX-90 EX MAM GMD DOM. She produced 4-4 365da 41,420M 4.6 1914F 3.0 1261P. Durham x maternal power = results.

508H10054 IRA is a BW Marshall son from O-Bee Terry Judy- ET. She is a daughter of the great Meier- Meadows EL Jezebel- ET and the dam of Juryman. IRA has an EX full sister that is the dam of a Titanic daughter that is one of the most popular animals in the herd. He now has a TPI of +1613. He excels as a production bull and has a PTAT of +2.37. A well- balanced dairy sire with a calving ease of 7&7.

—From El Toro Genetics website

New ABS SEXATION sires released
ABS Global added several new sires to the ABS Sexation line-up with the release of the January 2008 sire summary data. ABS Sexation, the global brand for ABS sex-sorted semen, combines flow cytometry technology with ABS semen quality standards.

“With the addition of these sires, ABS expands and diversifies the ABS Sexation product offering,” stated Kylene Anderson, ABS Sexation marketing specialist. “Through ABS Sexation, producers will reduce disease risk, have the ability to control heifer replacement costs, increase heifers from within and more profitably manage their business.”

529HO11481 Sunshine Dairy T PROWLER-ET*TL*TV brings together two great ABS sires as he is a TABOO x DUSTER. Prowler sires medium-sized cows that stand on an outstanding set of feet and legs. He sires high components (+88 PTAF) and excels in his health and management traits as he sires longevity (+3.50 PL). With +1.88 UDC, Prowler daughters posses great udder depth, a strong cleft and correct teat placement.

529HO11563 Morningview MISCHIEF-ET*TL*TV is a Juror Ford son that stems from the same family as ABS sire 29HO10489 JINGLES*cv. Mischief is an ideal sire to use in any management system as he sires trouble-free daughters with a will to milk. He is an excellent source for milk yield and components, being +1663 PTAM, making him the highest milk bull in the ABS Sexation line-up, +86 PTAF and +48 PTAP. Mischief daughters possess udders with a deep seam and good teat placement.

529HO11515 Ri-Val-Re MOUTAINEER-ET*TL*TV is a Magna son that traces back to the well-known Ricecrest Southwind Kaye. Mountaineer provides dairy producers with daughters that are built to last in any type of environment as they possess an ideal combination of strength and dairyness. Mountaineer daughters are well uddered cows with exceptionally strong fore and rear udder attachments, a well-defined cleft and correct teat placement. Being +2.08 F&L Composite, daughters track straight from the rear and are supported by a deep heel.

529HO859 Morrill J CHEECH-RED-ET*TL*TV is a Jordan-Red x Rudolph, and is the first Red and White bull to enter the ABS Sexation line-up. Cheech sires high components (+.16% Fat) and excels in his health and management traits as he sires longevity (+1.60 PL), daughter fertility (+.80 DPR) and a low somatic cell score (+2.87 SCS). Daughters are strong, deep cows with a strong fore udder and high, wide rear udder attachment.

—From ABS Global website

January 2008 Holstein highlights from Genex
With the addition of his first second-crop daughters, 1HO6833 TRES stands at the top of the lineup as a prime example of Genex living up to its mission. At +$533 Lifetime Net Merit in the 99th percentile, Tres sires healthy daughters with a 6% Sire Calving Ease, +3.7 Productive Life and +2.51 Somatic Cell Score. Adding to his overall credits, he gets cows bred with a +3 ERCR and +1.5 SynchSmart™ ranking. Maximizing producer profitability is exactly what Tres does.

Other producer favorites are making profitable impacts on herds across the U.S. and Canada, too. Touting amazing numbers like +6.0 Productive Life, +2.54 SCS and +3.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, 1HO6360 WIZARD continues his dominance as a superior health traits sire.

1HO6959 SATIRE increased in LNM by $37 bringing him to +$469 in the 97th percentile. For this Addison son, producer satisfaction rests in his big-time components (+62 Protein, +81 Fat), udder improving opportunities (+1.35 Udder Comp.) and +1 ERCR.

Then there’s the father/son duo of 1HO5045 LYNCH and 1HO7169 LOTTO. With over one million units produced and one million units sold, Lynch has reached historic heights. Lotto, the only Lynch son available in the industry, has found a place in many breeding programs with his 97th percentile LNM$ rank (+$468), positive components, +3.6 Productive Life, +1.1 DPR, +1.5 SynchSmart, and GenChoice™ opportunities.

Holland Genetic’s sires, 97HO4666 RICKY %-I and 97HO1608 CHASSEE %-I, stand at +$461 and +$456 LNM respectively. Ricky, an outcross Major x Fatal *BL, stands at over +1.00 for PTA Type, Udder Composite, and Foot and Leg Composite, and excels in health traits. With over 5,000 daughters, Chassee is a calving ease option that transmits longevity and daughter fertility (+3.0 DPR).

1HO7235 TOYSTORY is the total profit package. His combination of traits goes unequaled: +$453 LNM, +3 ERCR, +2.5 SynchSmart, 6% Sire Calving Ease, +3.11 PTAT, +2.55 Udder Composite and +1799 TPI™.

Second-crop sire 1HO6671 MURPHY improves producer profitability at +$421 LNM. This calving ease, profit specialist sires a straighter leg and steep foot angle with a +2.08 Foot & Leg Comp.

— From Genex website

Meet Taurus’s service bull
76HO0429 EXPORT EX-95 (Outside x Lindy x Fond Matt) and 3rd generation EX-95 with 10 EX sisters is a “Profitable Genetics”™ sire in every way. He is +208M @ 87%R with +88 NM$ and low SCS (2.82) and long PL (+3.3) with +1.0 DPR. He is +2.17 T, (+3.10 FS) with +1.41 UDC & +1.83 F&L, ave CE (9s/10d) and an ideal type profile. EXPORT is +1336 TPI and +2180 TTV. His EX-94 “Rudolph” sister Ridgedale “Estel” is just fresh again and a candidate for EX-95 also. Her newly proven “Outside” son is 76HO0466 ESCALATE EX-92. Preliminary production shows daughter ave 25794M, 3.9%, 100F, 3.0%, 785P and PTA’s of +430M, +30F, +2P, +3.12 NM$ with low SCS (2.79). Escalate’s PL is extra long at +4.2 and +1.2 PDR; his PA type is +1.74 with ideal traits and he is (9s/7d) CE. PD

—From Taurus news release