Fisher Pumps The Fisher Pump is a submersible centrifugal unit that does not require priming, draining or sealing.

The unique double discharge design equalizes the pressure within the case and does not require placement of a bearing at case level to hold the side load. The cantilever shaft allows bearings to be placed above the fluid level. Fisher Pumps, manufactured with one-quarter inch and three-eighths inch thick steel plate and heavy walled tubing, utilize a rugged all-welded construction.

Fisher Pumps are high volume, low pressure units requiring low horsepower requirements. Fisher Pumps can be belt driven or direct drive in various motor sizes. A belt drive pump can accept several motor sizes. In addition to the standard pump sizes offered, custom-made pumps can be manufactured to meet the customer’s needs. Beside the standard electric motor drives, Fisher Pumps offers PTO and hydraulic drive units. Floating pump units for aeration or flush water pumping are also available. For more information, visit Fisher Pumps at or call 970.353.6962.

Agpro’s new AP Series Pumps feature Agpro’s reliable oil bath drive line. This proven system utilizes large ball and roller bearings immersed in a complete oil bath retained by our simple, reliable seals. Each unit is equipped with a low oil sensing switch to prevent operation without lubricant. AP Pumps are designed for high duty cycle, continuous use on large commercial dairy operations. Overall low maintenance is a hallmark of these units. When repairs are required, the simple design and use of common parts allows quick, easy service for minimum down time.

The AP Pumps feature Agpro’s exclusive replaceable stainless steel pump housing liner, significantly increasing pump life. Agpro APA units provide vigorous, continuous mechanical agitation to stir tanks up to 30,000 gallons. This effective direct propelling agitation quickly brings settled manure particles into suspension. The heavyweight pumps for the roughest uses. For more information, contact Agpro at 800.527.1030 or visit their website,


Pro-Act Microbial
This portable pump is designed to remove nutrient-rich water from the lagoon bottom. It is designed specifically to work in conjunction with the Pro-Act Microbial Manure Lagoon Treatment System. The Pro-Act Microbial system has the advantage of liquefying solids and reducing odor while building a fast-acting but gentle fertilizer. In Pro-Act treated lagoons, as manure solids are liquefied, nutrients stratify, concentrating nitrogen and phosphorus in the bottom of the lagoon that is easily pumped without the need for agitation. Farmers have the option of removing this nutrient-rich bottom water and applying it to fields needing nutrients while complying with their nutrient management plan. The lagoon top water, containing much less phosphorus, is used in irrigation, reducing manure hauling costs.

For more information on this cost-saving pump or the Pro-Act Microbial treatment system, call Pro-Act Microbial at 1.800.772.3775.

Gorman-Rupp Company
Gorman-Rupp Company manufactures the 10 & MA Series line of self-priming centrifugal solids handling pumps, flows of 670 gpm max and 85 ft head max. With the addition of our unique cutter blades and special wear plate, the pumps can be adapted to handle waste, which includes straw.

The MB series, standard with cutter blade, pumping max 1100 gpm and max 345 ft head, passing 1.5” spherical solids. The M series is designed to handle all types of animal waste and will pass 3” spherical solids. Max flows to 1300 gpm and max 106 ft. head, engine or electric driven.

Any pump can clog. Should this happen to an “M” series pump, merely remove the coverplate, clean out the pump interior, replace the coverplate, reprime and begin pumping. Downtime is reduced since suction and discharge plumbing as well as the power source is not disturbed. Engineering solutions you can count on!

For more information contact:
The Gorman-Rupp Company Phone: 419.755.1011
E-mail: Website:

Vandenberg Manufacturing
The collection, transfer and disposal of dairy waste are one of the dairy farmer’s most critical problems they face on a dairy today.

We offer anywhere from a 3hp sump pump to a 30 hp sump pump to transfer the waste water from a holding pit to do any of the following depending on which sump pump is right for the application. Some of them can transfer the waste water from one pit to another. Some of them can transfer the waste water to a seperator to separate some of the solids before going into another pit or lagoon. Some of them can transfer the waste water to use in supplying 2” sprinkler guns for the pasture. And finally some of the sump pumps can transfer the waste water for open line flooding in the pasture.

For more information, call 800.883.2479 or visit

Pich International Dairy Equipment
Pich International presents an exclusive distribution of Blue Line Manure Handling Equipment. Included in this lineup are the PTS Submersible Chopper Pumps. With large through-passage, open multi-channel impellers and double chopping system in the suction, these pumps are recommended for particularly heavy applications requiring a preliminary chopping of the solid material contained in the liquid being pumped. Features include:

•Cutting disc and chopping blades in heat-treated stainless steel
•Double mechanical seal
•Pump shaft and screws in stainless steel
•Impeller in treated globular cast iron
•Innovative chopping system in front of the suction impeller
•Casing and housing in fine grain cast iron 3 phase – 240/480 volt
•600 volt available on special orders.
•Available in a 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15 and 25 HP motors

For more information contact: Pich International, Brad Pich, 250.767.3088,

Bauer’s new slurry pumps – Magnum SX – are especially designed for slurry pumping with high performance and for long durability. Bauer offers SX pumps for tractor, diesel engine or electric drive which can handle volumes up to 1300 GPM and can produce a head up to 450 ft. Special features of the SX pumps:

- Adjustable cutter flange
- Suction flange with ripped inlet
- Open impeller with back vanes made of spheroidal graphite iron with hardened cutting edges
- Cutting plate and wear plate of spheroidal graphite iron
- Mechanical seal (silicium carbide) with oil reservoir
- Rinsing connection with Geka coupling

For more information please call 1.800.922.8375 or visit

Vogelsang Pumps
Vogelsang pumps are built specifically to take on the harsh conditions of agricultural applications. Our rotary lobe pumps have high solids handling ability, giving them the power to pump liquids containing the abrasive solids that are unavoidable when dealing with liquid manure. Our pumps can operate in forward or reverse on the fly. They also can pull 25ft (8m) of suction lift and run dry.

Our pumps feature a quick-access cover to the wet end which allows easy service in place without removing the pump from the vehicle, hitch or inline assembly. You don’t need to remove connected piping which minimizes downtime due to repairs or scheduled maintenance.

The RotaCut provides the best protection for your pumps and other downstream equipment from damaging solids suspended within incoming liquids. What sets the RotaCut apart from other macerators is the large heavy duty solids collection basin. If you’re working with liquid manure, you’re going to encounter solids.

To find out more call us at 800.984.9400 or visit our website at

In sumps and lagoons, dairy and hog farmers rely on Crisafulli trailer-mounted slurry pumps to agitate, mix and pump viscous, solidified sludge and slurries. Crisafulli’s high-capacity pumps effectively slurry and clean ponds as large as 200’ x 200’ x 8’ in as little as 6 hours.

• Simply back the pump into the lagoon; engage your tractor’s PTO or connect your power unit.
• A hydraulic axle lowers the pump through the solids to the bottom.
• Open the slurry gate to agitate and mix, drawing solids and liquids in, blending and injecting through the gate into unmixed material.
• Close the gate to pump at high volume.

Trailer-mounted portable, vertical (stationary), and hydraulically-driven models available; 4” through 16” discharge sizes. Agitate, mix and pump – Crisafulli’s slurry pump does it all. For details, email: Phone: Travis Stroh: 1.800.442.7867. Website is

Cadman Power Equipment
Cadman Power Equipment offers a complete line of diesel, electric and PTO driven pumps for your application. Included is a full line of quality Cornell pumps for engine and electric drives and Doda pumps for engine and PTO drives. We also offer Caprari pumps for applications with minimal to no solids. Coming soon is our new submersible pump developed in cooperation with Cornell, which will provide superior efficiency and quality over what is available in the marketplace today. Call Cadman today (1.866.4.CADMAN or 519.688.2222) for full details or visit us on the web at

Balzer’s vertical slurry pumps can handle your toughest slurry jobs. The pumps are ideal for hog, dairy or beef reception pits. Agitate, transfer or top-fill hauling units with your Balzer pump. The standard lengths are 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’ (other sizes available upon request). The unique design allows operation of pump with 2 ft. offset. The V-6 pump, V-6 with prop agitator, trailer pump and V-8 pump are available. The impeller and lower pump housing are constructed of .5” thick abrasive resistant steel. It is designed to cut through heavy bedding and solids. The V-6 pumps 2,500 gallons per minute and the V-8 pumps 4,000 gallons per minute. Contact Balzer at 1.800.795.8551 or view their products online at

Cornell Pump Company
Cornell Pump Company continues to introduce new pumping equipment for the animal waste industry. Cornell now offers over 25 models of waste-handling pump models with unique and innovative design features for low head transfer to high pressure application in the field. Cornell offers four separate impeller designs to fit the specific pumping application.

In addition to the existing high-pressure solids-handling and grey water handling pump models, recent product additions include high-pressure pump models for big gun and injection applications with semi-open impellers that handle stringy materials and slurries. This impeller design also incorporates a cutting action as the product flows through the pump.

Additional pump models have also been added to the product line for lower head transfer applications. Cornell uses their trademarked “Delta™” impeller models for applications where straw, twine, and heavier sludges are involved. Larger models now can pump up to 3500 GPM. These models are available close-coupled to electric motors, frame-mounted for flex-coupling to a driver, or SAE mounted direct to an engine bell housing. For more information call 503.653.0330 or visit them at

Pioneer Pump, Inc.
Pioneer Pump, Inc. has the answer to your pumping needs. Pioneer’s complete line of end suction centrifugal pumps are heavy duty and designed to stand up to the toughest applications. Pioneer offers a wide range of both solids handling and clear liquid pump models capable of flows from 50-18,000 gallons per minute with solids handling capability up to 4.50” to meet a large range of pumping requirements. Pioneer offers ductile iron construction as standard in most models, with options for special metals including stainless steel and hardened alloys. These units are excellent when it comes to handling manure slurry, manure injection, high pressure clear liquid and fluid transfer applications. Pioneer offers a variety of mounting configurations including diesel driven, skid or trailer mounted, electric driven, close coupled or direct driven, SAE mounted and frame mounted bare shaft options. For more information, please call Pioneer Pump, Inc. at 503.266.4115, email or visit our website at

Accent Pump
Accent Manure Pumps are the only all stainless steel pumps available on the market today. These pumps address the four major problems that are faced when pumping animal manure:

1) Corrosion – made from 304 and heat-treated 440C stainless steel, the corrosion factor is eliminated. Material life expectancy can exceed 20 years.
2) Wear – heat-treated 440C stainless steel impellers and heavy duty 304 stainless steel cast components ensure improved wear resistance, strength and durability.
3) Efficiency – cast volute cases and machined impeller components provide improved flow characteristics, translating into higher efficiencies. This means less horsepower required and lower operating costs.
4) Flexibility – interchangeability of component parts; pumps can be upgraded rather than replaced and fewer spare parts are required.

Contact: Kerry Doyle or Darryl Loewen Phone: 604.850.7799
Email: Website:

J. Houle & Fils Inc. is a leading manufacturer of manure equipment in North America. Therefore, they offer a wide range of high quality manure handling products such as the Agi-Pompe with heavy duty undercarriage and also the multipurpose undercarriage (as shown in picture). This multipurpose undercarriage allows one to use the Agi-Pompe in lagoons as well as in concrete pit with vertical wall up to 16” deep. The Agi-Pompe features a 6” or 8” directional valve that can be operated while PTO is at low RPM. The gearbox oilbath is protected by a unique greasable 3-seal mechanism on each shaft. It can also be equipped with a 20” or 24” propeller with knife kit to shred long bedding. The Agi-Pompe gives you a constant agitation up to 21 500 US GPM. You will also be offered to choose from a 20” or 26” impeller. This Houle product is truly made for the job and comes in length up to 52’!! Contact Houle at

ITT Flygt
The photos at left show a new line of pumps that we are introducing to the dairy market. The series comes standard with a high chrome impeller specifically designed to pump highly abrasive manure containing sand. Coupled with a VFD (variable frequency drive), the GPM can be as low as 20GPM up to 1500GPM depending on the size selected. The product line has been designed to pump sand-laden manure to solid separators. For information and a dealer nearby, contact Ron Skinner at 309.256.1902 or email him at

Vaughan Co., Inc.
Vaughan’s Vertical Recirculator Chopper Pump provides the ultimate in combined pre-conditioning, mixing and pumping. The recirculation valve allows selection between recirculation and discharge of any 3-6” Vaughan® vertical wet well chopper pump, and nozzle orientation is adjustable horizontally and vertically. An optional electric valve actuator allows total automation of the system. For more information, phone
360.249.4042 or see them at

Hydro Engineering
Hydro Engineering unveils two new hydraulic pit pumps: HP60 & HP61. The pumps force-feed high pressure pumps for drag hose systems, traveling guns, or fill a manure tank wagon. Pumping from 800 - 1500 GPM. For more information call 800.833.5812 or visit ANM