The largest agricultural exposition in the world will soon expand to include an additional 100,000 square feet of dairy exhibits. World Ag Expo’s leadership will move forward with the construction after the 2007 show ends and will debut the new project at the 2008 Expo.

“World Ag Expo is nestled in the heart of the most dynamic dairy producing region in the nation. Producers from all over the world travel to Tulare to gather the technology and information that will make their operations more profitable and efficient,” said Jerry Sinift, general manager of the International Agri-Center, producer of World Ag Expo. “We look forward to the additions our exhibitors will make with more space, and the new information it will bring visitors.”

With more than 500 exhibit spaces already dedicated to dairy production, the expansion will add up to 130 new dairy exhibits. The majority of the new exhibit space will be in the Dairy Technology Center, a 140-foot-by-160-foot indoor canvas covered structure. The remaining space will be devoted to outdoor dairy related exhibits, Sinift noted.

The Dairy Technology Center, just south of the Tulare Dairy Center, will increase the overall Expo exhibit space to 2.6 million square feet. The expansion comes in response to longtime demand from exhibitors and attendees for more exhibit space related to dairy production.


“The Dairy Center has long been a high-traffic, high-demand location with no available space to expand. New and existing exhibitors will now have the opportunity to remodel, expand and modify their exhibits to showcase products and services in the new Dairy Technology Center,” said Shelley Khal, chairman for the 2008 Expo. “This expansion will also provide more breathing room for attendees as they explore this popular Expo venue.” PD